Custominized Personal Training

Creating personalized workouts for you to accomplish at home, at your gym or at the hotel!  

Women's Customized Personal Training

Are you ready to live

a healthier and stronger life?

Are you ready to feel ALIVE?

Fitness doesn't have to be fancy, it just needs to get done!

Let me show you!

3 Common Myths about Fitness:

  1.  I need a wack load of equipment --- NO NO are not going to walk around with 25lb dumb bells at the grocery store, are you? No!  I create programs with body resistances exercises. Let us strengthen our body with our body and gravity.
  2. I need hours to workout---- NO NO NO. Yes you can spend 2-4 hours at the gym. But what does that accomplish? A really good Facebook post!? No. I create programs that are time sensitive and efficient. We can choose to have fitness in our lives and not be at the gym for hours a day
  3.  I need to be at a certain level of "fit" before I can start.--- NO NO NO. Start where you are now! Start now, listen to your body and appreciate the machine it is.

All you need is a water bottle, the Alive Fitness App and some space.

I have created  hundreds of programs for women to complete at home, they have been successful in keeping accountable to me and their selves and have earned amazing results. Goals have been reached and inches have been lost with at home programs. I have created the programs to be highly effective and time efficient. These workouts can be done in 20-30 minutes and can be accomplished any where and everywhere.

It's easy as

1, 2, 3

Go workout!

  1. We set up an open communication consultation and form.
  2. Then you receive permission to access the Alive Fitness & Wellness Trainerize App, create your profile 
  3. I enter in your workouts, schedules and  "how to videos" on the exercises.

Then its time to WORKOUT!


Join me on the Alive Fitness and Wellness journey.

feel your body and mind get stronger.

Let's get you feeling alive, again! 

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