Welcome to the

Do What Makes You Feel Alive

8 week self discovery

I am over the moon excited that you are here! Thank you for investing in yourself and GIVING yourself the most important step of all, showing it love! 

Please make yourself comfortable with your membership site as this will be where you will find your resources over our  8 week experience.

Before we begin, I invite you to; 

  • Complete the Pre- module check list

  • Add all our Live Call session times into your calendar

  • Get a head start with the readings suggested in this program

  • Join the Facebook support group and introduce yourself, this will be your safety net and your support system. These strangers will become your friends

Remember this is not a race, and the more we can relax and trust the process, support each other and be patient and kind with ourselves, is actually how it will benefit us.Give yourself time and love to complete each module and gain awareness of your energy as you dive deeper.

Please know I am always here for YOU, to support and encourage you. Feel free to reach out to me via info@alivefitnessandwellness.com or the Facebook support group. 

Our intentions will cover these six topics

  • Genuinely You

  • Strength

  • Passion

  • Appreciation

  • Alignment

  • Alive


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