Terms of Service

Agreement & Understanding Prior to purchasing from Alive Fitness and Wellness and Kelsey Davidson.

1. I am coachable and willing to be open minded

2. I am ready to make small changes in my life that will make a big difference

3. I agree to the payments of the rates shown on the website. If a payment plan was accepted they are processed on dates that were agreed upon by Client + Coach. 

Prior to retaining the services of Alive Fitness, I certify that I clearly understand the following:

I consult with the Coach in her capacity as a Life Coach who promotes rediscovering yourself again & feeling alive. Information that people can use to increase their own health and well-being.  I affirm my right to self-health and I take full responsibility for my healing process.

I do hereby acknowledge that the Coach is an educator, certified Life Coach (Certified Coaches Federation), Certified Personal Trainer (Can Fit Pro) and that she is has a scope of practice to work within.

I am joining the Alive Fitness program with the purity of purpose of seeking more information, learning and growing and feeling an alive lifestyle.  I state that I do not come with any forethought or desire for entrapping Alive Fitness (or Kelsey Davidson) into an illegal statement. 

I understand that The Coach is not providing medical services.  She does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat symptoms, defects, injury or disease. This online coaching program is for educational purposes only.  If I want medical advice or treatment, the Coach encourages me to consult with a licensed primary health care provider. 

For the protection of the Coach, Alive Fitness, & all copyright laws, sales are final. By processing this request you agree and understand that there are no refunds once the programs have begun. 

Again, no refunds can be processed for the coaching programs due to the nature of them being electronic. I understand that by purchasing a digital coaching program or e-book that I am agreeing to these Terms of Service