Hello my beautiful friend,


Growing up I always had big dreams.

And why not the girl can dream, can't she? My big dream as young girl (6 yrs old) was to be a professional soccer player or to be a coach (I swear - ask my Mom or anyone who knows me). Because of my dedication to myself and taking the time to listen to my heart, the universe and my healthy support system I am proud to say that I have made my childhood dream come true.

I am a proud and successful Coach with a wonderful client base.

Little Kelsey with Big            Dreams in 1990! 

It wasn't overnight success! 

There was a pivotal moment in my career where I could of taken a different route and not be sharing my story with you today.

It was the last Thursday in November 2011, I just finished teaching my boot camp class and decided to disconnect from my electronics and connect with my husband for the couple hours before bedtime. We had a glass of wine, chatted about life and started planning Christmas, we decided to go to bed around 9:30pm. I pick up my phone, and it was lit up like it is the 4th of July! I started reading messages from clients stating "Are you OK?", and then my heart dropped. The company I was franchised under with, shut their doors, no heads up, it was a simple See You Later and PS no pay cheque for November! I still remember that feeling I had, I felt mad, hurt, upset and lost. I laid in bed for a few minutes then said I gotta get up and start something. I read emails from clients asking me what I was going to do, emails from the owner crying her heart out saying "I am sorry." Which at the time, I was like "Screw you"!

I wrote my best friend an email saying "That's it I'm DONE! I'm done with fitness, I'm done helping women, I'm DONE!" She happened to be up at 2 am and said "Kelsey, you're not done, ever since I knew you from Grade 4, you've been active and you've led and coached girls". Me still being super grumpy said "Well what now?" And she said "Listen to your heart. What do you want to do?"

And that was clear as day for me, I wanted to keep helping women, I wanted to keep with the fitness industry. Then the mad scramble happened, I had one month to start up a fitness company before New Years Resolutions were here. With determination in my heart and within 48 hours I had applied for a city business license, contacted clients and on my way to solving my problem and becoming an entrepreneur.

By having my passion to support and empower women and having the healthy support system to keep me aligned,

Alive was born!

Now, I share with you this low moment because it was a pivotal moment.

  • If I l would of let my emotions feed the obstacle in the way I wouldn't of pushed through.
  • If I didn't reach out to my healthy support system of a friend I wouldn't of been reassured I was on the right successful track.
  • If I didn't have the drive and passion to keep going, I would currently be living and not thriving. 

I thank the universe and my heart for that experience every day because without that pivotal moment, my life would be a whole lot different!

If I knew what was a Success Coach then, I would of hired one then at 2 am!  But not until 2 years later did I hire one.

When I did hire her

  • I didn't hire her on credentials (coincidentally, we had the same)
  • I didn't hire her because we lived near by

I simply hired her because she had my back and believed in me. Having her in my corner has not only narrowed and clarified my vision more, she has elevated my life as a whole.

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Let me ask you these 3 questions:

  • When was the last time you listened to yourself or to your heart?
  • When was the last time you had a personal/business goal?
  • When was the last time you followed through with that goal?
What if I told you that fear was only an emotion created in your own mind? I believe that fear doesn’t dictate you but YOU dictate fear. Never let fear stand in the way of your dreams, desires and goals!

Now, let us get a bit deeper, let me ask you this:

  • If you were to create a priority list, where would your self development and self love fall in that list, is it at the top or is it towards the bottom?
  • What have you done that people would admire you for?
  • What is your strongest mindful ability?

I know these questions can be hard to answer and they were for me at first.

Because I chose the guidance of my Coach, my own self development and listening to my heart and the universe, I can now answer them confidently.

And I know you can too, with my guidance and support.

As your success coach,

I will show you and celebrate with you your strengths, passions and successes.

Each week we connect and I will coach you to overcome obstacles, rediscover new strengths, bring new and fresh ideas to the table. Each session is based around YOU and YOUR business!

After our weekly connections the energy and momentum does not stop there, it keeps going! We don't stop moving, we carry forward right until the next session where we build on it. Then build on it again and soon enough we will have this castle that is fit for the Queen you are!


Imagine living your life the way you want to,

the way you dream about,

the way your vision board looks!

Together we can!

What you can expect from me, your Success Coach:

  • I am committed to you and your dreams, desires and goals.
  • I am committed to your confidentiality.
  • I am committed to you as a human "doing".
  • I am committed to believing and supporting you.
  • I am committed to keeping your accountable and on the successful track
  • I am committed to a open communication relationship with you, where we respect and honour each other
  • I will value your time and effort and applaud it.


What you can expect from working with me is:

  • I will give you my full undivided attention for a full hour, each week.
  • I will set you up on a successful plan of action each week to be successfully accomplished.
  • I will share with you my knowledge, my experience and inspire you to move forward.
  • I will guide you towards a clearer vision of your dreams, desires and goals.
  • I will share with you my strategies for newsletters, social media and local and online business building techniques.
  • I will be available for additional support via email throughout the week to keep you on track.
  • I will motivate, encourage and challenge you to raise your bar. To do better than your best.





How will you wake up in 90 days?


And this my friend, is a reflection of YOU and YOUR choices.

Are you awoken by the sound of an alarm each morning, NOT by feeling mentally ignited or motivated for your day?


Are you LEAPING out of bed before your alarm goes off, ignited by your passion and ready to kick start your day!?

With every choice you make, you create your future

Imagine YOUR life in 90 days,

  • Feeling Confident
  • Feeling Successful
  • Feeling Authentic
  • Feeling Strong
  • Moving forward and focused
  • Creating and owning your own successful business and personal journey.


In 90 days your friends and family may be questioning what you have been doing because you are radiating happiness and confidence!

In 90 days you may be booking your own mini vacation to celebrate a milestone hit in your business.

In 90 days you may beliving a more balanced life.

In 90 days you may be thriving not just living!


What do you vision in 90 days?