Let's Go!

I remember how my plate was over flowing and balance was a struggle.

I was balancing these 3 & more!

  • Fitness entrepreneur

  • Wife

  • AND busy mom of 2

I was feeling lost, exhausted and depleted in my Personal and Professional Life.

But in the last year, everything changed. 

  • I became intentional with my energy and time
  • I became more aware of what my body, mind and spirit needed
  • I became more aware of distractions that took away from myself and my family
  • I became stronger in my body, mind and spirit
  • I became more confident in my voice
  • I dreamed bigger
  • I launched my dream business while raising children and living and active lifestyle
  • I became balanced in my personal and professional life
  • I removed the guilt associated with working
  • I removed the word "enough" from my vocabulary

Now, let's make it happen for you too.

“You encourage everyone to listen to their bodies and hearts. You challenge us to surpass our goals, Thank you” C.S

Our Journey Together

Thank you for taking the brave first step of reaching out to a Women's Success Coach, I have been there and understand how nerve racking and emotional it can be. When I was searching for my coach, I looked into numerous ones, and when I hired my Coach it wasn't because she had a fitness background or lived near me. I chose her because of her passion to help, her love for Entrepreneurs and her commitment to ME and my goals. I want you to make your decision based around your goals, your feelings and listening to your heart. Your heart always knows the way. 

We are about to embark on a beautiful successful journey together, where we will collaborate our strengths and grow your focus on YOU and your goals, dreams and desires.

I will

  • Share with how I gave to my body, mind and spirit and my business!

  • Share with you my personal and professional tools, resources and mindsets

  • Inspire you to show yourself more gratitude for YOU and Inspire you to believe in yourself 

  • Provide you with weekly fitness workouts, mindful strategies and accountability on all accounts

  • Support and encourage you out of your comfort zone from time to time to achieve the big steps in life.

As your Feeling Alive Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset Coach,

I will be your number one fan and your successful support system. I will provide you with the utmost confidentiality, trust and respect. I will create a healthy learning and growing environment for you. I will provide you with guidance and be that sounding board throughout the time we have together. You can expect me to be fully engaged in your coaching experience and keeping you on track to achieving your successful goal. 

Another day that I am so thankful for these workouts. I had such an awful day and all I could think about was coming home and getting a good sweat on. Thinking of this release almost brought me to tears. And now that I’m done I feel a million times better. Thank you Kelsey
— Alive Fit Family Member C.T


I am extremely passionate about inspiring and empowering women around the world to feel successful, balanced personally and professionally and to feel alive!

- Kelsey