Mom Bosses Summer Program

I get it!!!!

* Kids are out of school

* Sun's out

I wanna play too, and a little bit of play won't hurt anyone

.... right...

Well, it won't!

But then when that little bit of play... turns into

"OH SHIT I haven't invested ANY TIME or ENERGY into my business. WHY isn't my business succeeding?" statement coming from your mouth and it's end of month!

Now, you are HUSTLING, GRINDING and being NEGATIVE with work and yourself... INSERT GRUMPY MOM!


Don't do this to yourself, your family or your business!  

Love yourself this summer. Love your business this summer. LOVE your SUMMER! 


Staying on track throughout the summer months with the Mom Boss Summer program, is exactly what will keep you in line and ALIGNED with your work!

Let me show you how it will benefit you and your business!




Goals, Goals and ACTION STEPS

Ideas are great. But ideas stay ideas without ACTION! Here we are MOVING you and your business with ACTION STEPS! Each week you will stay committed towards achieving your action steps. These are action steps that you have laid out for yourself towards moving your business!

GIVING YOU A 5 DAY GAME PLAN to keep you in line and aligned! Each week you will USE this game plan sheet, but only if you want success ;)

Weekly assigments & group calls

For the 12 weeks we meet once a week via ZOOM and I give you business strategies, tools and a motivational message on how you will move forwards and TRUST in yourself and in your business! Each week the call will be 30-40 mins with open lines at the end to discuss situtations and as questions to myself or to the group.

Each week there will be a mini work book that you will work on and invest time and energy in. I will email this to you Sunday night to start Monday morning.



Open communication and support with me

I have opened up the lines of communication for you to contact me throughout the week through emails.

  • If you're stumped - I'm here for you!
  • If you're unmotivated and ready to say "SCREW THIS" - I'm here for you!
  • If you're feeling DULL in your business. I'm here to FIRE YOU UP!
  • If you feel the world is going against you. I'm here to be beside you!

Have a fun summer


Have a successful business!!


Who is this Mom Boss Summer Program for?

  1. Women
  2. Women READY to stay committed this summer
  3. Women desiring an uplift in business
  4. Determined and committed women
  5. Women understanding that it takes time and energy to grow a business
  6. Women READY to start being a MOVER AND SHAKER
  7. Women looking to receive income from their purpose
  8. Women ready to TAKE ACTION
  9. Women inspiring to have a fun summer and not have sacrifices like business drop or family time drops 


Who this program isn't for?

  1. Women thinking a "part time" business is really part time ei 10 hours a week, (ha ha if you get this, you gotta be in this program! Mom Boss work is never just 10 hours a week!!!)
  2. Slacking or lazy women - I don't do good with BS 
  3. Women ready to play the same story over and over again, and that's OK, if that's your jam 

If you are ready, then let's GO! 

We start June 4th 

12 weeks- 90 day commitment 

  • 90 Days for you to MOVE YOU & YOUR BUSINESS

  • 90 Days for game changing ACTION STEPS

  • 90 Days for you to commit to your business and yourself! 



Name *
Let's go! *



  • I ask that you are on each weekly call
  • Each week I would suggest setting aside 1-2 hours on top of your phone calls
  • Plan to fail or Fail to plan


  • I ask that each week you complete the 5 DAY Game Plan
  • I ask that you complete the mini work books
  • I ask that you follow through with the action steps YOU have laid out for yourself! 


  • 3 months of group coaching, mentoring, and work books 
  • 12 group calls  (those alone are valued over $1200) 
  • Weekly work books emailed to you every Sunday (valued over $600)  

We start June 4th

Be ready to have a ROCKING SUMMER personally and professionally! 

Our 3 month Path 

Week 1

Know your business! 

Week 2

Who is your ideal client and how are you connecting to them

Week 3

Self reflection and business reflection

Week 4

Confidently Vulnerable

Week 5

Next 30 day goals

Week 6

Mind Set of Business


Week 7

Servicing your clients on a new level

Week 8

Building your new service or expanding on a current service

Week 9

Next 30 day goals/ reflection on last 2 months

Week 10

Sales funnel magic

Week 11

Market to convert

Week 12

3 month reflection and 3/6 month game plan


Let's have a ROCKING SUMMER!