Your How To Guide on Exercises

Here are a few video clips on exercises that I commonly use and you can use in your home, at the park or in a hotel room.

Check out the video or read the instructions.

 Always feel confident in form before jumping in with two feet.





Basic form:

  1.  Feet a bit wider than hip width
  2. Shoulders back, chest up, and eyes forward
  3. Hinge at the hip first then the knees
  4. Knees should never past toes
  5. Keep weight in heels 


  • SUMO Squat -  Feet wider and knees follow feet out wide
  • Squat JACKS - Feet together then feet out do a squat
  • Squat ROTATIONS - Jump with the power of your squat and rotate
  • Squat JUMPS - Use the power of your squat to lift you up and jump




Push Ups

Basic Form

  1. Hands placed below shoulders
  2. Feet together or hip width apart
  3. Inhale on the down, exhale on the way up
  4. Lower the hips, chest and thighs together
  5. Look 1-2 feet in front of your hands, keeping your chin out of your chest


  • Push Up with Plank Jack - Cardio exercise with a plank jack and push up together
  • Push Up with Foot Elevated - Prop your feet up on stable ground to challenge your back and chest more
  • Cross over Push Ups - Bring one leg under the other leg and engage your obliques. Return leg back and cross other leg over
  • Walk Out Push Ups - Start by standing upright, the bend at the hips for your hands to touch the ground. Walk your hands out to a hand plank position then do a push up. Walk your hands back to your feet, stand up straight. Be proud.
  • Tricep Push Ups - Hand position is inside closer, hold the elbows close to your rib cage and lower slowly as one unit. Goal - to have your finger tips touching in a triangle shape.


Basic Form

  1.  Knee over top of ankle
  2. Always can see your toes
  3. Drop the back leg down, Goal- 90 degrees
  4. Shoulders rolled back, chest up and eyes forward
  5. Toes pointing forward on both feet


  • Stationary Lunges - Staying with the Right foot forward for the whole set. Then switching to left foot forward for the next set
  • Robot lunges - Static Lunge position, bend at the hips and lift up
  • Alternating Lunges - Alternate your foot forward
  • Lunge with Glute raise - Lunge backwards, then lift that back leg up, squeezing the glutes to lift. Tap toe down, do lunge and lift up
  • Jumping Lunges - cardio exercises and alternating right foot forward and left foot forward in each jump
  • Front knee drive - Lunge and bring your back leg up to a knee raise, engaging lower abdominal's and bring foot back to lunge position
  • 3 Point Lunge - In static Lunge position, little lift/jump your front leg to the outside of your leg, front of your leg then inside of your lunge. And repeat. 

Plank on

  • Basic Form
  1.  Elbows tucked under shoulders or hands under shoulders
  2. In side plank position have hand flat on ground
  3. Lift hips, engage core and shoulders
  4. Draw in belly button
  5. If you were to give yourself the thumbs up and drop to the ground, you would poke yourself in the eye
  6. Feet together or slightly apart


  • Plank with Glute raise - Plank position, lift one leg straight up and down
  • Plank walks - Hand plank position, step forward two steps, back two steps with feet following hands
  • Plank Up Downs - Elbow position plank, right arm goes to hand plank, then left arm goes hand plank. Right arm drops to elbow, left hand drops to elbow
  • Plank Tap Ups - Side plank position to regular plank to other side plank position, from elbows or hand 
  • Plank Side to Side - Plank position, lift one leg out wide tap out or float then bring back to starting spot. Then tap the other leg outside
  • Plank Shoulder Taps - Hand plank position, lift one arm up and tap opposite shoulder
  • Plank Reach Throughs - Side plank position, twist your body and bring your hands under your armpit and reach, bring back to starting spot. 
  • Plank Hip Twists - Hand plank position, twist your hips to open
  • Plank Hip Dips - Side plank position and lower your hips and bring back up



Basic Form

  1. Inhale on the way up, exhale on the way down for sit ups
  2. Inhale as your legs lower, exhale as the come up
  3. Support your lower back by placing hands under your bum
  4. If you feel it in your neck or back - please stop and make adjustments
  5. Remember to breath!


  • Toe Touches - Lifting legs up and keeping them up at 90 degrees, reach for your toes
  • Straight leg sit ups - Legs straight out in front, do a full sit up and reach for your toes
  • Sit up - Feet planked on the ground, lift your body up and slowly lower
  • Scissor legs - Lowering one leg down at a time
  • Rope Climb - Imagine there is a rope inbetween your legs, and grab it three times then release and slowly lower
  • Leg Raises - Start with your legs up in the air, lower them slowly to wear you feel a strain in your abs not your back then bring back up
  • Horizontal leg cross overs-  Have your legs straight out and criss cross them horizontally. If you feel your lower back, lift your legs up more towards you
  • Crunch - Feet planted, slowly lift your shoulders and upper back off of the ground and back down
  • Butterfly Crunches - Feet together as a butterfly stretch, lift your shoulders off of the ground and slowly lower

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