Alive Fitness & Wellness by Kelsey

Let's Go!

I remember how my plate was over flowing and balance was a struggle.

I was balancing these 3 & more!

  • Fitness entrepreneur

  • Wife

  • AND busy mom of 2

I was feeling lost, exhausted and depleted in my Personal and Professional Life.

But in the last year, everything changed. 

  • I became intentional with my energy and time
  • I became more aware of what my body, mind and spirit needed
  • I became more aware of distractions that took away from myself and my family
  • I became stronger in my body, mind and spirit
  • I became more confident in my voice
  • I dreamed bigger
  • I launched my dream business while raising children and living and active lifestyle
  • I became balanced in my personal and professional life
  • I removed the guilt associated with working
  • I removed the word "enough" from my vocabulary

Now, let's make it happen for you too.

“You encourage everyone to listen to their bodies and hearts. You challenge us to surpass our goals, Thank you” C.S

Our Journey Together

Thank you for taking the brave first step of reaching out to a Women's Success Coach, I have been there and understand how nerve racking and emotional it can be. When I was searching for my coach, I looked into numerous ones, and when I hired my Coach it wasn't because she had a fitness background or lived near me. I chose her because of her passion to help, her love for Entrepreneurs and her commitment to ME and my goals. I want you to make your decision based around your goals, your feelings and listening to your heart. Your heart always knows the way. 

We are about to embark on a beautiful successful journey together, where we will collaborate our strengths and grow your focus on YOU and your goals, dreams and desires.

I will

  • Share with how I gave to my body, mind and spirit and my business!

  • Share with you my personal and professional tools, resources and mindsets

  • Inspire you to show yourself more gratitude for YOU and Inspire you to believe in yourself 

  • Provide you with weekly fitness workouts, mindful strategies and accountability on all accounts

  • Support and encourage you out of your comfort zone from time to time to achieve the big steps in life.

As your Feeling Alive Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset Coach,

I will be your number one fan and your successful support system. I will provide you with the utmost confidentiality, trust and respect. I will create a healthy learning and growing environment for you. I will provide you with guidance and be that sounding board throughout the time we have together. You can expect me to be fully engaged in your coaching experience and keeping you on track to achieving your successful goal. 

Another day that I am so thankful for these workouts. I had such an awful day and all I could think about was coming home and getting a good sweat on. Thinking of this release almost brought me to tears. And now that I’m done I feel a million times better. Thank you Kelsey
— Alive Fit Family Member C.T


I am extremely passionate about inspiring and empowering women around the world to feel successful, balanced personally and professionally and to feel alive!

- Kelsey



Fitness & Lifestyle

sTRENGTHENING YOUR body, mind and spirit

Women's Fitness & Lifestyle Program






IF YOU ARE DONE waiting for the "PERFECT TIME" to follow your dreams




THEN, this is your wake up call to TAKE ACTION FOR YOU!


With this program, the possibilities are limitless...

  • You can zone in on your purposeful, fulfilling life

  • You can become the successful career woman and a ROCK STAR Woman

  • You can remove the guilt and the "should be" games

  • You can strengthen yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally


Imagine your rocking life, working out regularly, successful steps professionally and  feeling balanced (no more Mom Guilt)!

Imagine it!

This will happen with my Women's Fitness & Lifestyle Program



My Women's Fitness and Lifestyle  program goes beyond your perceived ability.

It creates a solid foundation for success in your personal and professional life

It raises your voice and makes you stand taller

It strengthens your inner self mentally and spiritually

Strengthens your body through the Alive Fitness App

It aligns you to have balance and harmony in your personal and professional life

It gives your take charge attitude!



In your Women's Fitness & Lifestyle Program

I bring together all the pieces to the puzzle, for YOU to be successfully balanced in your personal and professional life.

Over your 90 day commitment

I will show you how to become

Balanced, Motivated and Successful

In your personal and professional life with balance, direction and momentum. We will go over these topics and more


Goal Setting - We will gain focus and clarity over your personal and professional goals and how they can intertwine

Designing your ideal day - We will create your ideal day, then work towards living that ideal day

Self Care - I will be sharing with you the importance of self care, and involve your body, mind and spirit and establish a self care routines

Business - Sharing with you my business tools and resources that have been successful over my last few years as an Entrepreneur in a local fitness studio and with an online fitness and lifestyle coaching business

Establishing Networks and Support systems - Showing you how to extend your reach and make your voice louder with social media, local networking and connections that last. Acknowledging who is your support system and expectations  

Creating time for PLAY -  Sharing with you how effective and efficient schedules and calendars create play and fun! 

Body - Holding you accountable to your personal goals of physical health with personalized workouts each week, for you and your body through my Alive Fitness App

Mind -  Creating a strong foundation for success and gratitude for yourself

Spirit - Empowering you with meditation and guiding you to create your own personal affirmations that speaks to your heart

Balance - Inspiring you to have a more balanced life with your personal and professional life working in harmony. Being proactive and giving you the tools to prevent yourself from getting burnt out, overwhelmed and exhausted

I am giving you this opportunity to shine your passions bright and follow your big dreams, with your family right beside you


To you feeling :

  • Balanced, aligned, energized
  • Confident in yourself and your voice
  • Healthier in your body, mind and spirit 
  • Living more in the moment and less "overwhelm"  feeling
  • More free flowing life direction and less resistance 
  • Strength in your decision and choices
  • In charge of your schedule and appointments
  • More capable and prepared for those curve ball
  • Impacting in the lives you touch either personal or professional
  • Professionally successful and productive
  • Confident in your favourite pair of jeans! 

As your results based women's coach,


I will show you and celebrate with you your strengths, passions and successes.

Each week we connect and I will share, inspire and empower you to overcome obstacles, rediscover new strengths, bring new and fresh ideas to the table. Each week brings a new workout and a new body challenge. Each session is based around YOU and YOUR BIG DESIRES!

After our weekly connections the energy and momentum does not stop there, it keeps going! We don't stop moving, we carry forward right until the next session where we build on it. Then build on it again and soon enough we will have this castle that is fit for the Queen you are!


Imagine living your life the way you want to live it,

the way you dream about,

the way your vision board looks!

Together we can!

What you can expect from me, your Results Based Women's Coach:

  • I am committed to you and your dreams.
  • I am committed to your confidentiality.
  • I am committed to you as a human "doing".
  • I am committed to believing and supporting you.
  • I am committed to keeping you accountable and on the successful track
  • I am committed to providing you with personalized workouts for you and your schedule.
  • I am committed to an open communication relationship with you, where we respect and honour each other.
  • I will value your time, effort and applaud it.


What you can expect from working with me is:

  • I will give you my full undivided attention for a full hour, each week.
  • I will set you up on a successful plan of action each week to be successfully accomplished.
  • I will share with you my knowledge, my experience with my business and balance.
  •  I will inspire you to move forward for success in your personal and professional life.
  • I will share with you self care practices, meditation benefits and more to serve you on a body, mind and soul platform.
  • I will guide you towards a clearer vision of your dreams.
  • I will share with you my strategies for building an online business.
  • I will empower you to move your body and elevate your physical health.
  • I will be available for additional support via email throughout the week to keep you on track.
  • I will motivate, encourage and challenge you to become limitless.



If this is speaking to your heart, than I ask you to connect with me. Let's sit down and move forward together.  

- Kelsey


Due to my demanding Fall schedule, I only have 6 spots open.

 Only 6 determined women ready to say YES to their health and YES to their future. Make sure you're one of them. 

{For being the first 3 of 6 to commit you will also receive a Alive, Strong & Fearless tank from Lululemon}

Name *

Custominized Personal Training

Creating personalized workouts for you to accomplish at home, at your gym or at the hotel!  

Women's Customized Personal Training

Are you ready to live

a healthier and stronger life?

Are you ready to feel ALIVE?

Fitness doesn't have to be fancy, it just needs to get done!

Let me show you!

3 Common Myths about Fitness:

  1.  I need a wack load of equipment --- NO NO are not going to walk around with 25lb dumb bells at the grocery store, are you? No!  I create programs with body resistances exercises. Let us strengthen our body with our body and gravity.
  2. I need hours to workout---- NO NO NO. Yes you can spend 2-4 hours at the gym. But what does that accomplish? A really good Facebook post!? No. I create programs that are time sensitive and efficient. We can choose to have fitness in our lives and not be at the gym for hours a day
  3.  I need to be at a certain level of "fit" before I can start.--- NO NO NO. Start where you are now! Start now, listen to your body and appreciate the machine it is.

All you need is a water bottle, the Alive Fitness App and some space.

I have created  hundreds of programs for women to complete at home, they have been successful in keeping accountable to me and their selves and have earned amazing results. Goals have been reached and inches have been lost with at home programs. I have created the programs to be highly effective and time efficient. These workouts can be done in 20-30 minutes and can be accomplished any where and everywhere.

It's easy as

1, 2, 3

Go workout!

  1. We set up an open communication consultation and form.
  2. Then you receive permission to access the Alive Fitness & Wellness Trainerize App, create your profile 
  3. I enter in your workouts, schedules and  "how to videos" on the exercises.

Then its time to WORKOUT!


Join me on the Alive Fitness and Wellness journey.

feel your body and mind get stronger.

Let's get you feeling alive, again! 

Name *

Business & Lifestyle

Creating the business you desire to feel alive

Business & Lifestyle Program

When was the last time you took a leap of faith?

Do you have a passion inside you, ready to be unleashed!?

Are you ready to become a FEARLESS FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR?

This is where YOU bring your BIG dreams and I bring my powerful coaching strategies. 

Together - we make it happen!  


When I started out, not a whole lot of women were doing what I was doing locally. And the ones online I found were "untouchable". Until I met a few key players and stretched myself beyond my limits by taking courses on website design, Instagram, Facebook and more. All of the extra courses and know- how investments led me to having a successful local and online business and an abundant audience. 

Now, I'm here to share with you my tools and resources down to my Facebook coach lessons, my Business coach strategies, my Spiritual coach tools, my logo team, the website I have been able to create with membership log ins and more. 

I'm giving YOU ALL my tools to GIVE you the best foundation to your dream business!

 * This can really happen! *

 * It will and I will show you! *


When I met her in January 2016, changed my life. She always makes sure I’m reaching my goals and always has uplifting words for me.
— SL

Vision to Business

In the Vision to business program, I share with you ALL of my tools and resources that I have personally tried, tested and true!  

In the 12 week program we will,

  • Establish you and your business
  • Create your mission and vision statements, business values and what makes you unique 
  • Fine tune your target market
  • Create and master your website
  • Establish your services for your clients
  • Strengthen your voice 
  • Share your message with social media
  • Open communication with your followers
  • Branch out into the online world with my suggested fitness service
  • Marketing online and locally
  • Create online packages with membership site


Having a business can be a balancing act. Especially if you have a family or a home to take care of and this is why I inspire the balance between business & lifestyle. 

Incorporating the lifestyle coaching with your business coaching will give you:

  • Trust in your business and in yourself
  • Opening communication through your heart
  • Listening to your "gut" feelings
  • Aligns your personal values to your professional values
  • Increase your energy investment on both sides
  • Minimize the "should be" guilts of business and personal life
  • Maximize your purposeful feeling
  • Preventing the "burnt out" feeling of entrepreneurs
  • More enjoyable fun while business building! 

And what does this all lead to?

This all leads YOU towards

  • Discovering your true purpose and voice to serve your ideal client

  • Working your "job" that doesn't feel like a "job"

  • Investing smarter not harder into your time, energy and business

  • Increased productivity

  • Becoming the expert in your field

  • Having a successful and abundant business!  


And how does that sound?

If it sounds like this is for you and this is what you are desiring and looking for in your personal and professional life then let's connect and create your dream business.

 It no longer has to be a dream.


Allow your service for men and women to feel stronger, healthier and more confident be of service to them.


Follow Your Arrow

Name *
A huge thank you to Kelsey for believing in me and helping me reach my goal
— SW
You’re the reason why I’m a trainer today
— JW

What you can expect from me, your Success Coach:

  • I am committed to you and your dreams.
  • I am committed to your confidentiality.
  • I am committed to you as a human "doing".
  • I am committed to believing and supporting you.
  • I am committed to keeping you accountable and on the successful track
  • I am committed to an open communication relationship with you, where we respect and honour each other.
  • I will value your time, effort and applaud it.

What you can expect from working with me is:

  • I will give you my full undivided attention for a full hour, each week.
  • I will set you up on a successful plan of action each week to be accomplished.
  • I will share with you my knowledge, my experience with my business and balance.
  •  I will inspire and motivate you to move forward for success in your personal and professional life.
  • I will share with you self care practices, meditation benefits and more to serve you on a body, mind and soul platform.
  • I will guide you towards a clearer vision of your dreams.
  • I will share with you my strategies for building an online business.
  • I will empower you to move your body and elevate your physical health.
  • I will be available for additional support via email throughout the week to keep you on track.
  • I will motivate, encourage and challenge you to become limitless.
  • I will hold you ACCOUNTABLE to your dreams 

Hear from Stephanie, with An Infinite Heart on her experience with Kelsey.

"I feel like I don't have adequate words to describe how impactful Kelsey has been in my life. I started a business in Airdrie in December and Kelsey reached out to me and welcomed me to the community, she stood by, lent an ear, and offered support and asked nothing in return. She led with her heart and her soul, and she committed to helping me. I felt so lost as a new business, I had an idea, but no means to hone it in or market it. I had a plan, but that plan was a mess - I had no business skill set and Kelsey was there stedfast and kind and supported me.

When I finally took the leap and committed to Kelsey's 12 week business coaching program I was scared, nervous and terrified about if it would pay off. It did. From our very first meeting Kelsey just got me. She understood and listened to my goals and helped me narrow down my focus and week by week we create action steps to get a strong direction for my business.

Within 2 weeks Kelsey helped my double my previous total income - even my skeptical husband was impressed!

Week by week I grew and grew. It was essential for me to have a coach who was ethical and heart centered; someone who would push me outside of my comfort zone and offer suggestions and ideas and help me build a plan.

Each week she delivered a power packed hour focused on my goals and my vision. Her knowledge is bountiful, her passion for women is endless, and she will go to bat for you time and time again. She believes so strongly in me that when I had my worst days she completely lifted me up. In 3 months I have trampled my goals,I have even accomplished goals I had set out for 6 months and a year from now, and I can't say how pivotal it has been to have Kelsey be part of that.

Going forward with my business I can't imagine where I'd be without her support and passion. If you are considering working with her in any capacity, please consult with her - I have no doubt that she will help you achieve your goals the way she has helped me! I am so grateful to have found a coach who not only lifts me and believes in me, but also inspires me daily!

Thank you, with all of my heart!"

- Stephanie Warner, An Infinite Heart, Alberta

Are you ready to make that leap?

Option A

For the woman with an established business but desiring MORE from it.

More Purpose

More Focus

More Prosperity

More Income

Option B

For the woman starting out fresh and desiring a foundation.

Branding, Logo and Website design created by West Co Designs

12 week foundations program where each week your business becomes stronger and stronger

Are you ready to start Empowering and Strengthening the world with YOUR expertise ?

(and I think you are, you're still reading this, right)



Spots are limited in this program, please book your appointment to start your application to the Fearless Female Entrepreneur program.

Only 3 dedicated women will be accepted.



Proud Alive Family business's fuel by women following their dreams! 



Alive Lifestyle

Connecting fitness, food and mindset for you. 

What If....

  • What if you enjoyed working out, actually looked forward to it?
  • What if you knew what your body was craving?
  • What if you heard yourself speaking nicer to yourself?

Ever wonder what those answers may look like or feel like.

This is why I have combined my 3 certifications to give you the Alive Lifestyle Package.

I've always said  "Alive Fitness will provide a service that will strengthen women physically, mentally and spiritually." And it always has and will.  

In 2017, I connected myself to my higher enlightenment more than ever before. I went back to school and graduated from Holistic Nutrition Consultant/ Holistic Health Coach course. I also dove deeper into my own self development and more read books than ever, invested more time and energy than ever. It led me to listen more with my heart and guided me to learn the messages I was receiving. Throughout 2017 my members noticed a more enlightened and grounded leader. I opened the eyes of women that were stuck in tunnel vision or not seeing their potential. I set fires underneath ladies to follow dreams and witness ladies release unwanted weight.

I empowered women to believe in themselves. 

2018 will be no different.

It will only be STRONGER. 

There is no holding back now.

In this program I'm delivering you real, heart centered guidance.

I'm delivering you spiritual guidance, connection and life coaching sessions. 

I'm delivering you sweaty workouts to do in your home. 

I'm delivering you meal plans for you and your family to enjoy. 

I'm delivering you the ALIVE LIFESTYLE. 



The physical release given from fitness is the first thing that usually clicks with women.

I know it's easier to sweat it out than to talk about it.

I used to be like that too.

Fitness allows you to have clarity and gain focus on what your biggest desires are in life, right now.

Fitness also allows you to see visually your progress and see your improvements.



I love food. I also can hate food too. And these emotions tide to food can create emotional eating. It can lead to eating in a stressful state. And eventually will effect how your food is digested and absorbed.

Intentional eating is how and where I desire to live.

I say, "Eat the cake, get over it and poop it out"

Release the guilt and stress with what to eat and what not to eat and EAT FOR YOU!



You are one.

Let's start looking at yourself as you are one.

Your body, mind and spirit are far more connected than you believe and it will show you, if you listen. The key is to listen. Listen with an open heart and allow all messages to come through. Good and bad, they each have a purpose. Let's shine a light on them.

In this past year I have witness women gain a stronger connection to their self awareness, self talk and have rated themselves a 1/10 the first session for negative self talk and increased to 7/10 at the end of the 3 month adventure with me.

This tends to be the missing piece in a lot of women and I've been nudged over the years to "tap" into it more. And I'm proud to listen to my own intuition and deliver it to you, in a more confident and inspiring state for you to learn from.

The Alive Lifestyle


Included is:

  • In depth Alive Lifestyle workbook to run parallel to your sessions
  • Fitness training delivered to your personal log in of the Alive Fitness app
  • 1 month of full meal plan nutrition plans laid out, 2 months of nutritional support, accountability and meal plan guidance
  • Weekly 45 min -60 min spiritual guidance, connection and life Coaching sessions
  • Professional and personal training, coaching and guidance 
  • Upfront discussions lead only to move you higher
  • Constant open heart and honest communication
  • Communication throughout the week, emails/messages will be replied within 4 hours. On the weekend, emails/messages will be replied within 12 hours
  • Accountability with your committed fitness schedule
  • Accountability and check in's with your food journals and entries
  • Access to Asha Yoga practices, 3 part series in the Alive Fitness App
  • Guidance from higher above and heart felt messages
  • Action steps to move you towards a stronger you and a more aligned you
  • Empowering and inspiring you to go with AND trust the "flow" of life
  • A safe haven for releasing emotions in a confidential and welcoming environment
  • and more...  

Is this for you?

I don't honestly know.

Only you do. 

All I know is that, if you are done feeling exhausted, lost and discouraged, than this is for you.

If you are done fighting the "what if's" of life, then this is for you.

If you are done feeling last place, than this is for you. 


If you are ready to start a lifestyle change.

If you are ready to get uncomfortable physically, mentally and spiritually.

If you are ready to say, "me too"


Then let's go! 

Tomorrow will come, the next day too, and soon 5 months will pass, Where will you be? 

Book your free connection call to start the process of our 3 month adventure.

Let's Connect

I know how hard it is to reach out, but believe me you are on this page for a reason. Let your heart lead you.

I am always here for you, if you ever feel like you need a little support or a little push in the right direction, feel free to contact me. I am passionately here to help and guide you.

We can share our visions, beliefs and goals over a cup of tea via Skype or phone and create a plan for you to Feel Alive.


Name *

“Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive”

— unknown

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