Woman to Woman,

Mom to Mom, 

Let's get real,

This is who I am and what I am passionate about


Back in 2007 my future husband and I did a large move to another province in Canada, I was 5 months pregnant and looking for a job. I had done a University Diploma program with Recreation, was already very passionate about fitness and thought why don't I look into getting a job at a gym.

It is a funny thing when you listen to your heart, within a couple days I had a job with a big box gym. Over the next couple months as my belly grew my passion for fitness grew. I had my son in April 2008 and in August 2008 I enrolled in a Personal Trainer Specialist certification. It was amazing, it lit a fire within me that still burns to this day.


I went back to work full time at the gym in Feb 2009 and joined many ladies on many journeys. I have always felt this deep appreciation when hired as their trainer, because they had or have chosen me to guide them through their vulnerable journey. I was the ONE they would find motivation through, I was the ONE that kept them accountable to their goals. I was their healthy support system.  A couple years went by and unfortunately my passions were being road blocked by administrative "stuff" of a big box gym.

Numerous clients mentioned to me about opening up my own studio but I honestly didn't believe in myself and didn't value myself. Sadly, but it is true and the end result was devastating as I walked away from my passion.

As  result I got a full time sedentary job, and worked at a bank. Day in, day out, working away and not fueling my passions and not being authentic to me. I still was in exercising, I ran my first full marathon that year. It became a struggle for me to keep positive at work because I knew it was just a pay cheque. But something amazing happened in July 2011, I was pregnant!  My little Bean came into our life and sparked that fire within me again. My daughter was born in March 2012 and by Fall 2012 I was running my own fitness classes in my home studio!


I was BACK and Baby it felt GOOD!

The universe was back happy with me.

In Dec 2013, 

I decided to get real with my company and brought to life Alive Fitness.


Alive is my third baby! 

-It has created a place of fun and fitness for women.

- It has provided support for numerous women with numerous emotions.

- It has provided women with a second family.

I pride myself on Alive because of how it has helped many women and how each woman that has come to Alive has added their love to it. .


In Sept 2015 I elevated myself and Alive, and earned my certification in Life Coaching. I now am able to empower women on all levels, body, mind and spirit thus creating  Alive Fitness & Wellness.


Now I am bringing Alive to YOU,

where ever you may live! 


My mission is to share the message of Alive, Strong & Fearless to inspire girls to never give up and for women to believe in themselves.

For girls and women to know they are never alone when they are apart of the Alive Family and together we can climb mountains! 


Now, me as Kelsey not as the Coach, is someone who is just as passionate about the body & mind and helping women succeed. I honestly bleed the passion and look for opportunities to support and love more.

Besides that main burning passion, I have many more, just a few to list off are running, bike riding with the family, hiking in the Rocky Mountains (or anywhere), traveling, and living life to the fullest. I love having fun and just going on adventures, even if it's to a new restaurant in the city. I really love just spending quality time with people who feed my high energy, who are positive and who I share love for and with.

My husband is ridiculously supportive of my craziness and he really is my rock. My children mean the world to me and my goals are to show them to be strong mentally and physically. Shayne and I are inspiring our children the passion to travel and discover the world is their oyster. We will motivate them to go travel, go learn, go experience life! 


This is me,

positively passionate about INSPIRING and empowering women and girls around the world.


I look forward to working Together.

Feeling Alive,