sweat with me in your living room with the Alive Fitness App


The HIIT@HOME program is designed for YOU, the busy woman, desiring to feel stronger, more confident and feel ALIVE.


With the Alive Fitness App, I'm literally in your back pocket or purse to support, inspire and hold your accountable to your health and fitness goals.

I have created this program especially for YOU!

Giving you everything you need to FEEL ALIVE

Workout, Nutrition and Mindset!

 I understand time is precious, nutrition is confusing and how the heck do I train my mind to be nicer?!

This is WHY I give you a workout that is time sensitive and effective! That gives you 20-30 mins of pure sweaty, challenging and fun workouts! Oh, and you're not alone, you will be held accountable with me, your personal trainer and your Alive Fit Fam!  

This is WHY I give you nutritional suggestions on a points plan or a full meal plan with recipes and all.

This is WHY I created a 12 week work book to strengthen your mind.

In your 3 month commitment you will receive:

  • Personal log in to the Alive Fitness App
  • 36 Home Workouts created by ME, your personal trainer (value $300)
  • How to exercise videos tutorials
  • Monday Motivation videos sent to you
  • Saturday Morning HIIT classes LIVE with ME via ZOOM (8am MST)
  • Accountability check in's from me
  • Nutritional suggestions for YOUR body (value $300)
  • Progression charts and stats within the Alive Fitness App
  • 12 week Mind set strengthening work book - Focus discussion each week in the Alive Fit Family Facebook community (value $300)
  • Alive, Strong & Fearless Hat (OR BE ONE OF THE FIRST 10 and get a Alive, Strong & Fearless Tank!)

Desktop (above) and Mobile (right) gives you a preview of the app and what it would look like for you.

* Easy to Follow.

* Direct message board with me, your personal trainer.

* How to videos.AND FULL LENGTH HIIT@HOME workout videos

*Nutritional Suggestions loaded to the Alive Fitness App

*12 week Train your Mind & Spirit workbook  


Did HIIT today and on Saturday. Feeling stronger each day and I love it.
— Alive Fit Family Member

I know you're wondering, how much?

$225 for ALL 3 months!  ($75/month!)

* To literally have your personal trainer with you, at all times.

* To make your workouts happen anywhere and everywhere

*To no longer question, is this a protein or a carb?

*To be given tools on how mindfulness and alignment.



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