Your most powerful muscle is...

Your mind !

{ALSO 3 mindful exercises included}


I remember getting frustrated with other girls in PE class that would:
A- rather have nice hair then sweat or
B- say they couldn't exercise because of a lame excuse.

I saw these girls put up their own road blocks and I would question it!(more internally than externally) I would question why they're getting in their own way. Since I was such an independent teenager, I had the mind set of "that's their issue, not mine" and would move onto my life of soccer, travel and friends. 

When I started in the fitness industry I saw this again, women getting in their own way.

Women self sabotaging themselves.

When I opened Alive, I made the mission statement to strengthen women physically, mentally and spiritually.

Why 3.5 years ago did I put this as my mission statement without any training behind me?? All I had was my passion and something telling me  "Women need to get out of their own way!!! Women need to be STRONGER physically, mentally and spiritually." 

Over the last year I have been blessed in training women physically, mentally and spiritually in the Women's Fitness & Lifestyle Program. And the transformations have been outstanding!

I have seen a woman transition from feeling drained in her career to feel motivated and inspired as if it was the first year of her career.

I have witnessed another woman drop inches and start up running, like she did when she was in her 20's!

Another woman said this to me recently.

"I am amazed how calm and prepared I feel for this trip, compared to Spain 10 months ago! And all due to your help and guidance! Thank you thank you!"

Now, like I said, when I started Alive I knew I wanted to strengthen women mentally and spiritually but didn't have a piece of paper behind me. Since then I have earned my Life Coaching Certification and have done and participated in abundant amount of learning on the spiritual side too.  


Because I needed to have the proper tools to support and serve you to overcome and strengthen your mind!

 It's a powerful and UNDERESTIMATED MUSCLE! 

Did you know?

* Your mind can create road blocks.
* Your mind can hold you back.
* Your mind can put fear and doubt in you.
* Your mind can control it all and can control you - IF YOU ALLOW IT! 

 I love LOVE love LOVE showing you how to think differently and/or how to overcome your obstacle. 

When I am able to unite a strong mind with a strong body, I know I am giving you the best alignment ever.  

Here are 3 mindful muscle exercises to support and serve you along the way and ones I share in my program: 

1. Journal - can't stress this enough- go grab a book and start writing, connect your mind to paper and allow it all to flow. Kick out your head and allow it to flow. 

2. Question yourself - And give yourself time to answer from your heart. I do this LOTS when I am in the thick of a HARD & GRUELING workout, I tell myself over and over and over again, WHY I am doing this. "I'm doing this for a stronger race" "I'm doing this to ride faster with my son" Finding to the core why you are doing something add values to it and adds importance/prioritiy to it. Try it out! 

3. Relax it-  Your mind is like every other muscle, it needs down time too. Meditation, stillness and nature can all provide this to you. Imagine running and then squatting and then riding a bike and then lifting, all consecutively how tired would your body be?! This is like your mind- it is on 24-7, give it moments to turn off and relax.

Stop self sabotaging yourself
 Stop playing the victim
 Stop holding yourself back

START thinking positive and START training your mind to be healthy!

Have a wonderful day,