Turn Right or Turn Left, Go Down or Go Up, You make the Choice

Turn right or Turn left

Go up or Go down

Be positive or Be negative

These are all choices we consciously make every day. These are the choices we feel we have "control" over.

Did you know, you have a choice over EVERY decision you are faced with.

Now let me be honest, if I were to say that to myself a year ago - I would of argued that. Because when something didn't feel right or I didn't feel like I had control, I would argue that it wasn't my decision, or it was "out of my hands" 

When clearly at one point, there was a decision in my hands, and clearly at one point I made a decision to say yes or to say now, to go up or to go down and/or to be positive or negative. There was a choice I made along the way that led to the outcome.

Now I choose to be aware of my choices and to own it! 


Yes, I know that things can get complicated but I believe things get complicated because



Every choice has options and complicated is NOT one. 

Remember years ago, Facebook had the option on the relationship status as "Complicated". Well, didn't that open up a can of worms! Holy crap- relationships were stressed, people were arguing and drama unfolded all because of this simple decision to declare a relationship status on social media! 

Imagine if "complicated" was never an option.

Imagine if you said "YES" to everything that scared you.

And imagine if "failure" exited your mind. 

  • How would your decisions unfold?
  • How would life be different?
  • How would you be more authentic?
  • Who would support you and be beside you?
  • What would that look like to you?

Going forward,

Do you feel you could live a more vibrant life by being aware of your choices big or small and having the confidence in yourself to make the decisions to foreshadow your life?

I know life can be scary.

I know decisions can be hard.

But at the end of the day, be proud of your choices as tomorrow will reflect them. 


Feeling Alive,