Why in such a rush?

In my line of profession as a Personal Trainer and Life Coach I have heard NUMEROUS women talk about diets, fads, meditations, and different ways to get "skinny", "healthy", "happy" FAST!

We live in a world that everything is at our finger tips EXCEPT our patience and understanding. Unfortunately those two things have been bullied out of the every situation possible. We are even too "busy" to actually press in a pin code for our debit cards, we now have the option to "tap" our card OR even yet, prepay for our coffees before we leave our houses and have them ready for us when we show up! Don't get me wrong, fun features but come on, Can we not walk into the coffee shop and spend the 3-5 minutes, interact with a human and pay there? Or are we that impatient?

You can not expect to live in this instant service, instant gratification world and not be impatient when it comes to your body, mind and spirit health, unless YOU consciously take proactive action.

Not to be corny, but life really is all about the journey NOT the destination.

I would love for you, and every other ambitious, active woman out there, to enjoy the exercise, enjoy the food prep, enjoy the mindfulness, enjoy your happiness and health NOW. If you don't enjoy it NOW, you are literally depriving yourself and those around you!  

By investing time in your fitness, meals, and mindfulness you are showing your body, mind and spirit that you are VALUABLE!


You are an INVESTMENT! 

You are a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN inside and out!

You are  CAPABLE OF SUCCESS on all levels!



Appreciate your body, mind and spirit for all the wonderful things it has given you and you have given it.

If we can show ourselves love and appreciation - time will make no difference.

What will be the difference is the PRIDE we feel about ourselves and that there is what counts!


Feeling Alive,