When I opened Alive, I thought...

When I opened Alive, I thought how cool would it be to inspire, empower and strengthen girls ages 6-14? How cool?! 

Last year it came true when, Asha Yoga and I hosted a couple camps and they were better than great, they were UNREAL! I LOVED THEM so much that, 9 months later and I'm still inspired by those girls! 

Back in December I started to connect and build relationship with companies and other women that empower girls currently or are looking to do so. I started making a clear vision for what I was going to deliver and what the girls would receive. I reached out to girls in this age group and asked them for honest feedback. I listened with my heart and with that, connections appeared. This summer I will leading with my heart and empowering girls with my new message. (I'm currently booking in Canada for July and August.)

I'm excited to share with you my message to girls ages 6-14 years old

Designed by  West Co Designs

Designed by West Co Designs

This past weekend I was able to empower the Girl Scouts of Mesa Arizona with ivivva in Scottsdale AZ. The girls were given a beautiful yoga practice and then I shared my message to them. 

We had a lot of fun!

The girls were very interactive and participated greatly! I could tell the older teenagers taken on leadership roles, not because of their age and size, but because they wanted to be there. They enjoyed being there. A girl shared with me how many of her friends used to do Girl Scouts and they slowly started dropping out. This is a common theme with girls ages 10-14 years old.

By the age of 14, girls are dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation.

And by age 17, after most girls have gone through puberty, more than half of girls — 51% — will have quit sports, according to Always
— http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/28/health/girls-sports-puberty-likeagirl/


It breaks my heart a little. These girls are lost in emotions and hormones!! AND the ONE THING to keep them aligned, is the first thing they drop out of. Why? Because they are going through hormones. The self talk is really starting to turn into an asshole! Their insecurities are fed BS, they start feeling uncomfortable and breaking the norm is just not trendy. 

THIS RIGHT HERE IS EXACTLY why I'm doing what I do with the young Alive members. 

Why should your daughter feel drawn to drop out of something because of someone else OR because of a limiting thought she has seen on TV or Social Media?


Show her that there is more to loose than gain when dropping out! Strength her from the inside out! 

{I remember being that age and wanting to drop out, wanting to give up, wanting to not fail - But I kept going! And because I kept going, I have a deeper understanding and respect for those friends that stayed along side of me, the friends that supported and cheered me on, and have a greater respect and understanding for hard work, determination and failure. Failure is not a bad thing. It's a gift. It teaches us more than success.}  

I'm showing them they are ALIVE, STRONG & FEARLESS. 

  • They can be ALIVE, by making choices that make THEM HAPPY! 
  • They can be STRONG, by believing in themselves! They can race, run, compete faster, stronger and higher when they believe they are STRONG (inside and out)! 
  • They can be FEARLESS, by realizing that there is GREATNESS on the other side of FEAR. And show them ways to overcome and kick the negative self talk to the curb!

I'm VERY PASSIONATE about this and am excited to share my message with your daughter and other girls in USA and Canada this summer.

Have a great day



{Here are a couple pictures of this past weekend.} 

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