Toss that scale and tap into your 3 elements of health as a Woman!

It's time to start throwing out the scales like women did in the 70's with their bra's!

It's time to tap into us as women and recognize we are STRONG, INDEPENDENT and HIGHLY CAPABLE of achieving greatness.

It's time for us to exercise and eat for our bodies.

It's time for us to dive inside and discover more about ourselves and what makes us unique and fills our soul.

Touching base on each part of the full body spectrum, body, mind and spirit I share with you how our bodies differ from men's

#1 Spiritual Health

In the book "Staying Health with Nutrition" By Elson M. Haas, he mentions the vitamin L for Love. He shares in the book about how love has the possibility to change someone's mood or connection. Love has a healing power and women need love! We need to give it, receive it and create it. You and I both thrive upon love and feelings. Men can be sensitive too but not to the same dependent level. With knowing that, we are able to tap into our emotions and see what triggers which emotion. This also brings up emotional eating, are you a woman that reaches for the sweets when upset? Or forgets to eat during stressful times? I also like to look at the power of foods here in your spiritual health. Each food has a job and before you ingest it, ask yourself "What is your intention with it?" Is it a yam to give you energy or is a doughnut to make you feel better? Asking the intention of the food is also a great way to become aware of over eating and unconscious eating. I also encourage this with fitness, walking into a workout with emotions is not smart. This is when injuries happen from over exertion and when discouraging thoughts come in. If you aren't tapped into your workout and aren't aware what you are doing, you are going to get hurt on all levels. I know I've done a workout under anger and emotions and been pissed off at the end because I wasn't able to lift like I had imagined. Yet I lifted more. Setting unreal expectations when you are emotional and working out is common. Tapping into your spiritual health is a gift that you can give yourself, to learn more about yourself.

#2 Mental Health

Women are their worse critics!

Hands down- the worse!

 This can lead to a vicious never ending circle of negative self talk, negative self image and lower self esteem. {Insert the throwing out of the scales revolution!} Why are women bench marking their happiness via a scale? Why are women weighing themselves every couple days to see if that magical number has dropped. Watching the scale can become an obsession and not a healthy one! I ask that you create bench marking questions to filter back to how you are feeling and how far you have come. Rather than an appliance.

Throw out your scale and look within! Speak nicer to yourself and honour where you are!

#3 Physical Health

Here is a huge one!

Maybe the biggest one!

You and I are designed differently as men, we are designed to conceive and carry babies. Our body frame is built to support this purpose and created to host a child. With that duty, our bodies need a bit more nutrients than men do. Women's bodies require more iron, why? Because during our menstruating years (13- 50 years old) we lose iron from the blood cells lost. We also loose the B vitamins, iodine, calcium and magnesium. If you are feeling fatigued around your menstrual cycle I encourage you to look into foods with iron, magnesium and calcium to help fight against fatigue. As we age, sexual vitality is also very important to women and is connected to thyroid functions. If your sexual drive is low, you may want to look into your thyroid and adrenal glands. Sexual activity can also provide an outlet for physical exercise. It is really important to move throughout your years, including some sort of fitness routine. I encourage you to try new fitness classes or new forms of exercise like Yoga, Spin, HIIT or CrossFit. Having a regular exercise routine also helps minimize stress and maximize your stress management. It also helps your mind by releasing the "happy hormones"! Exercising can also become a social part of your life and can give you the spiritual and mental connection within too. There is something special about a fitness family, just ask any of my Alive Fit Family members.


You and I both know how important it is to be a good role model and I believe tossing out the scales would be the first step in starting the SCALE-LESS revolution.

Showing girls that the number on the scale doesn't dictate their happiness, their future or their love... its simply a number.

The inner reflection, the spiritual, mental and physical health is what will foreshadow your happiness, future and love. Look within and you will find the answers. 


Educating the next generation, that women's health is based around the foundations of our physical, mental and spiritual health.


Have a great day


Kelsey Davidson