Top 3 Tips to Win the Battle over the couch!

I don't wanna... but.... I know I'll feel better 

(insert your inner child stomping your feet!)

Does that sound familiar?

I don't want to... but I know I'll feel better. As you're SLOWLY pulling away the blankets at 6am to go workout. I get it, not everyday do I leap out of bed excited to workout. Some days I want to be lazy but I know what happens if I fall into that vortex... I feel like CRAP whole day. I feel out of wack and lazy, physically and mentally. 

Or has this ever happened to you? At 7pm the couch is calling and your mind turns into a WIMP. The struggle is REAL and it's not until your heart needs to SCREAM at you and drag you by your pony tail, to get you out that door or down to the basement for a workout that you have won the battle! 

This is why I thought of giving you my

Top 3 tips to win the battle over the couch! 


Be honest with yourself, there's going to be a day that you don't want to work out (and that's OK). Be ready for this day and set yourself up with a game plan for this day. This can be a sticky note that you will find in your shoes before your workout, or on your ipod, or on your treadmill or on your yoga mat. A gentle reminder that you will feel good when it's done. Even setting a phone alarm that displays "You will feel great" when it's time to workout. All proactive gentle reminders on how great you will feel will help win your battle.


Make your workout fun! Make it challenging and exhilarating. Make sure that your workout is moving you towards YOUR GOALS! Make sure that your are enjoying it. Let's be real- You won't do it again if you don't enjoy it the first time! Here is a fun quick workout


3. BE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOURSELF ... and maybe a friend

Being held accountable to yourself is great, but again let's be honest. Who's the first person you let down and give up on? YOURSELF! The guilt may hurt but then you justify it and move forward and OH CRAP it's been 2 weeks since your last workout! Being accountable to a friend UP's the game. When you have to physically check in with a trainer or friend, shit gets real! They will hold you to the feeling of feeling 100 X better when it's accomplished. They will give you tough love and it may piss you off, remember they do it cause they love you.

Being prepared is half the battle

and if you can implement these 3 simple tips your battle is WON! 

1 point - You

0 points - Couch 


"Failure to plan or plan to fail" It's your choice

Have a wonderful day,



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