Motivational Mom Boss Interview Featuring The Real House Wife - Vanessa Matthews

I am very excited to interview a Mom  Boss from "across the pond", Vanessa and I connected a couple weeks ago and I love her drive! She is the one being honest about being a "house wife" and an entrepreneur! Here she is, Vanessa Matthews.


Vanessa Matthews is an NLP trained mindset and business coach, author, public speaker and founder of The Housewife Revolution. She is also a mom to four kids and lives near the coast in Cornwall, England.

Vanessa's Story

Throughout my 20's I enjoyed a successful career in PR and marketing and I had a lot of fun. I got to rub shoulders with celebrities, spent time lobbying government ministers and even organised a photo call for a Prime Minister's wife. I gave interviews on live radio and TV, worked backstage on one of the UK's biggest, boldest and most fashionable breakfast television shows. I've been the CEO's first call at times of corporate crisis and high-tailed my way to the scene to fend off international media attention. By time our first two children were born I found it increasingly difficult to manage a full time job with being a mom and so in 2002 I started my own PR consultancy and over the next 7 years built a six figure business and gave birth to our third child. I’ve always loved learning and so in my spare time I also trained as a relationship counsellor, a doula and began training in Reiki. Things were going great.

So, how the hell did I end up picking up dirty socks, making do and mending and hiding indoors feeling lost, lonely and frustrated? 

My generation of housewives were meant to have it easy compared to housewives of the past. We were raised on Working Girl, Sex & The City and The Spice Girls. We were told that we could carve out careers, we could run in heels and hold a baby on one hip while we did so. 

But can we, really? If your experience is anything like mine, by the time your kids started school you and your husband were juggling annual leave and rotas and wondering when you were going to see each other this month because one of you was always at work while the other was taking care of a child. You started to lose balance. Too much work led to not enough family time. Too much family time meant not enough work. Too much mom time and your marriage and work suffered. 

Her Pivotal Moment

Until the day I went and did a bit of window shopping and found a pair of boots that prompted a eureka moment. I had stepped out that morning, dressed in brown. No make-up. Hair scraped back. I felt invisible. I went into a department store without any real intention and saw a beautiful pair of designer boots. The kind I would have picked up and bought in a heartbeat when I was earning my own money. But they were expensive. I admired them and then immediately thought of all the reasons why I couldn’t have them. Why I didn’t need them and why I couldn’t justify spending on myself. As I put them back on the shelf I noticed they had gold on the soles. I turned them over and saw they had an inscription. ‘Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life’. I laughed. There I was, seemingly unworthy, battling with my self-esteem, putting everyone else’s needs before my own and I was even dressed in rags. I had turned MYSELF into Cinderella. At that moment I decided to pick up those boots and make myself a promise. I would not feel unworthy anymore. These were the pair of shoes that were going to change my life. I was going to buy them and I was going to revolutionize my life. 

I knew there must be other women like me, and of course there were. The more I talked about my experience and feelings the more I found women everywhere who felt the same. Women who used to be somebody and now felt like nobody. I decided I would start a revolution for them too. All of the women who had lost themselves along the way. 

So, I bought those boots, I started The Housewife Revolution in February 2016 and made a promise that I would wear those boots and tell my story to inspire other unhappy housewives to get out from behind the kitchen sink and start building a life they love where they can re-balance the scale and find fulfillment in and out of the home. Through The Housewife Revolution I have connected with and supported hundreds of women from across the globe, helping create their own successful and sustainable businesses and find balance between their home lives and professional lives. 

Her Motivation

My other motivation behind what I do is my own mom. My own mom started her first business at the age of 35. Less than a year later, she died of breast cancer. I was 11 years old.

Just as things were starting to take off for her. Just as she had started selling her sportswear in a small local shop. Just as she had received her first box of clothing labels for her creations. My mom was creative, talented, enterprising, but she'd put those talents aside to look after her home and family INSTEAD of pursuing her own dreams. Thinking she'd have time later. She didn't.

I wish she'd left more of herself behind for me and my family to enjoy. I wish she'd shared her talents and gifts more with me and others so that I could continue to learn how to be a woman, a mom and an adult. I wish she'd shown me how to live my best life before hers ran out. It makes me sad to think that so many of the things I loved about her died with her. I'm 40 now and have outlived her always aware of the passage of time. Always eager to be, do and have everything I am capable of now, today.


Her words of wisdom for you!

Be all that YOU can be now so that your children can learn to do the same. You can tell your kids they can be anything they want to be when they grow up, but wouldn't it be more powerful to SHOW THEM through your example?

Those difficult experiences have shaped my beliefs and motivated me to coach other women. These days I am far more fulfilled. I am using all of the business and personal skills I have gathered over the years to help my clients make deep and profound mindset shifts and grow their businesses from kitchen table start-ups to profitable enterprises. I serve a varied client base that includes creatives, crafters, innovators, service providers and coaches. I have worked across just about every sector imaginable in my time so I love the challenge that all different kinds of businesses bring.

I now have a thriving online business that enables me to use my skills and experience and and get the intellectual stimulation and feedback I craved. And I can do that whilst working around my busy home life caring for a large family – plus two dogs and a cat!

I firmly believe that I am a better mom, wife, friend as a result of rediscovering my purpose, reigniting my passion for life and finding fulfillment. I look forward to getting out of bed now and getting on with the day and that’s much better than waking up with a feeling of dread and a day of loneliness ahead.


There’s so much advice I could share with women entrepreneurs but overall I think I would just say… ‘YES, YOU CAN’. We spend so much of our time wrapped up in all of our limitations, all of the things we can’t do, skills we don’t have, the time we don’t have, the people around us who won’t support us. Making a concerted effort to shift your focus to everything you can do is a great way to start working towards your goals.

Thank you very much Vanessa, 

For sharing your story, and your pivotal moment in finding your purpose! Follow Vanessa's journey below

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I truly hope sharing these inspirational stories of Mom Boss's will give you the little nudge for you to take the leap of faith in following your dreams! 

Have a wonderful day feeling alive,



Kelsey Davidson