That tall tree is shorter than me...

While away, I got to run with my favourite running buddy ever (well besides my son) my good friend Marnie. And even though we are miles apart, I think there are 4 countries between us, we still hold each other accountable towards our fitness goals (ps did you sign up for the half yet!?) Anyways, we check in with a running group and I have been running consistently and really proud of the speed I'm accomplishing.   (Picture on right- us together at a MEC race in Calgary 2016)

What I realized this past week, running with my buddy, is my endurance has decreased and the mental game has kicked in at 4.5/5km . I can give 'er for that distance then I'm tapped. I always say "Empty your tank" and literally this is what I've been doing. I've been pushing myself to accomplish this fast pace consistently. And proud of it. On the flip side I have unconsciously taught myself to empty at 4.5/5k. Good and Bad sides to that. I'm giving it all I got but I'm also not pushing the envelop a little more. 

How do I overcome the mental game? I run with someone that has no pity and knows how to push me aka Marnie! 

While Marnie is kicking my butt, her supportive and honest husband says, "She's your tall tree" I'm thinking "If she's a tree I defiantly hit the tequila hard last night" Joking aside, I knew what he was getting at. Even though she is shorter than me, she is my tall tree. She is the one I aim to reach and catch up to. 

Ever have those friends that push you to jump higher, run faster, lift heavier and believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself? Those friends are friends for life. They see you at your low moments and your high moments. They drag your ass out of the gutter and get you moving. They are also the ones to give you a high five when you have accomplished your goal.

They are your tall trees. Love them hard. 


In life we give and we receive.

And being a tall tree is also on this giving and receiving wave length .

I'm very fortunate  with my passion, I'm able be that friend to many women and I know some of you love to hate me but at the end of the day what I care most about is how you feel about yourself. And from experience with my own tall trees, it's always better to do what they say than be kicking yourself later. 


Please, give yourself a moment to Celebrate the connection you have with your tall tree and stand tall for someone else.

Have a wonderful day,