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I've got a secret... Nutrition isn't just food

Nutrition isn't just food, it is an experience. It can ignite all your senses and create a memory, from even the bowl of oatmeal in the morning to the date dinner with your hubby. It's all an experience and the experience is what will create a healthier relationship with food. 

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Successful Active Woman featuring the highly motivated Amy Shimek

This week's edition of the Successful Active Woman Interview features the dedicated Amy Shimek. Be inspired as she shares with us her parents role modelling of entrepreneurship that she quickly caught on to.  And see how she balanced her children and her business.

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When the Physical Struggle turns into a Mental Struggle

I get a little raw and vulnerable with you, as I have been struggling with the "should be's" of being a professional Personal Trainer and Success coach. I open up how my physical battle went emotional and deep. 

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