Successful Active Woman Self Care Mindset

It wasn't that long ago (Fall 2015) that I was starting to feel depleted, sad and low on motivation. Yeah, I know, ME low on motivation, never would of imagined that in a million years! Yet it was happening and it wasn't noticeable to the average Joe, it was only noticeable in me and my close family. This is when I reached out to a client and dear friend Brandy Corcoran with Finding Self. She had always discussed with me her schooling, and how she wanted to restart her Spiritual Coaching business, that she graduated from over 10 years ago. I asked her if she wouldn't mind coaching me on what I was going through at the time and moving forward as I grew and as my business would grow. 

Over the last 8 months she has given me endless amounts of tools and resources. She has also given me a more focused outlook on my OWN life. Each session I leave from, I feel more enthusiastic to live my passion more purposeful and stronger. 

When we first started, I didn't have the full wellness wheel working, there were missing parts and parts not running as smoothly. As she shared with me and from my previous spiritual learning. the importance of the full body, mind and soul care needed to be emphasized. Together we created a schedule for me to accomplish each week, where I would actively contribute to myself on all 3 accounts (body, mind and soul).

After the second week I was feeling back to old, highly motivated, youthful Kelsey. I was running 3x a week, I was journaling each night, I was spending quality time with my husband during our designated disconnect time and  creating special experiences at home with my children. This self care routine is still in place and has united balance and success within me.

In the Fall of 2015, I was honestly holding back on my success. 

Self sabotaging thoughts would run through my head about success:

  • How could I still volunteer at my sons school?
  • How could I still do my own fitness?
  • How could I not ignore my husband? 
  • How could I carve out MORE time for children and me! 

With the plan we created (above) and Brandy's mentoring skills, I gave myself permission to be successful and not worry about success ruining all. 

I know now that as I become more and more active &  successful, my family time won't be lost, my fitness will not suffer, my husband will not feel ignored and I will feel more in alignment as I advocate for all Successful Active Women. 

Having this successful self care mindset is something I wish for each and every woman entrepreneur, career woman, stay at home mom and single women, to have.

Creating your own successful self care mindset is your solid foundation for your empire.

Create it and live it. 

Feeling Alive



Kelsey Davidson