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Discover how Jennifer relocated her home to San Diego from Vancouver Island,              to follow her dreams and create happiness & success in women around the world with her beautiful heart!

Featuring Jennifer Jayde,

My Story
I grew up with the dream of traveling the world to beautiful places, taking pictures of beautiful souls. When a friend/society/ego told me I should get a haircut and get a real job if I ever wanted a shot at success, I listened.  I didn't grow up with money, in fact my first memories are living in an old basement suite with my single mom trying to hide how stressed she was over ensuring we could pay rent every month and put food on the table. I didn't want to live my life in fear like that. I went into finance, which led to mortgages, and by 22 I was 100% commission based.  I worked my buns off because the belief I had at that age was "If I can't do what I love, I will make enough money to buy what I love." Exerting so much energy to build something out of alignment with my heart was draining to me, but I pulled up my big girl panties and did it anyway. This was my "only shot at success" and success equaled happiness in my mind. I bought a condo, a car, got married, bought a house..and waited for happiness and fulfillment to come.  Little did I know I had it all backwords…

One day four years later I woke up. I came home exhausted (again) and I realized I was living the same day, the same week, the same month like it was groundhog day.  The rest of my life flashed before my eyes, and I cringed at the thought.  Ideas started swirling in my mind about what would actually make me happy. Around this time, another soul expansion occurred, when my young uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  After watching him slowly wither away and die over the course of a year - I decided it was time to actually start living. I picked up a camera, and this was the beginning of my first passion based business.  I found world class mentors, traveled the world to learn from them, and hit the ground running when I leaped into full time local and destination Wedding Photography.  This dream coming to fruition was like nothing I'd ever experienced, or even realized existed, up until that point in my life. My passion and clients took me to places that had only ever been on my bucket list - Australia, Hawaii, Paris, Italy, Spain, and the Caribbean. I garnered awards and recognition, I felt like I was flying. But at the height of it all, my soul told me it was time to move on.

For 18 months I was lost in a sea of despair behind closed curtains. I wore a smile on my face, but inside I felt confused, frustrated, and drained. Finally a friend opened up to me about a life coach her husband had been working with, and gushed about all the incredible changes and shifts they each noticed in him both personally and professionally. I was uncertain about the idea of a coach, much less hiring one - but I was open to at least having a complimentary conversation with him. I cringe at the thought that I almost let ego talk me out of it ( too much money, don’t have the time, etcetc ) - because my entire life has soared since the moment I made that powerful decision in ways I could never have dreamed possible...

* I discovered my true purpose -  connecting women with their own life's calling, and guiding them through the step by step process of creating their soul-inspired business on a world wide level.
* I moved from my hometown on Vancouver Island, to my dream beach city of San Diego
* I found my tribe - I connected with countless other purpose driven, soulful and determined female entrepreneurs from all over the globe that are also on a mission to light up the world with their heart, and lead a limitless life because of it
* I hired a world class high level business coach that supported me in growing my business from -$0 to $61,000 and a consistently sold out One on One Program in less than 5 months
* I've started doing my first ever international live interviews, guest blogs, platform speaking and even submitted as a television host for a new show that is about creating the life and business of your dreams

These are all things that if you said to me 6 months ago were on the horizon, I would have asked you where the hidden cameras were.


My Vision
My ultimate vision is to be the spark in the lives of many, (millions from around the globe to be more
specific!) , that ignites the flame of their passion and purpose, and then fans it to inferno as I empower them to go out and light up the whole world with it!!!!  Anyone with a calling on their heart to live life on their own terms and create a soul inspired business as the foundation of their limitless life - this is the woman I strongly desire to support, uplift, guide and empower.  As far as my heart will show me right now, I offer this through One on One Coaching + Mentorship, and soon a Live Group Program being launched this spring that I have begun a waitlist for people desiring to learn more about it.  I also offer 1 full day Supercharged Soul Sessions - where we complete about a
year's worth of coaching either in a luxury beach location in person (Southern California, Bali, and the Mayan Riviera are options as of right now), or we achieve the same results over Skype.  Later this year I will move on to Luxury Beach Weekend Retreats. The ocean is so reinvigorating for me, so I spend as much time with it as possible, and incorporate it quite a bit into my brand

Personally my vision is to continue to reach as many lives as possible in a powerful way,  and ensure I am constantly replenishing myself so as to be able to continue to serve at this level. I do this by having a no-work rule on Sundays, even unplugging entirely if possible, I spend as much time at the ocean as I can doing sprints, watching the sunset, or listening to the waves crash with my toes in the sand on a Saturday afternoon. I keep connected to my soul through my daily morning ritual, journaling,meditating, and I show my body love and appreciation through proper nutrition and consistent exercise,and rest.

My Motivation
What excites me the most to get out of bed, is knowing that I have a purpose inside of me to uplift the world, one purpose driven woman at a time, that so powerfully moves me, it's more like I have to make myself stop working, rather than the other way around like it used to be. Though, I am conscious of this and know the importance of my own balance, so I can keep my momentum going strong. The gift my late uncle left me, was the deeper realization that my time here is limited. Every day I waste in fear of not following my heart, is one left day I get to experience the bliss of serving the world with my purpose.

My Strength
I give power to what empowers me.  Consciously working at determining when my ego (fear based thoughts) are trying to take over, and when my heart is trying to guide me has been my single greatest tool in growing myself and my business. I give power to my heart, even though it can be so much scarier to do so,  and my ego is like an annoying mother in law I have to live with, but I don't have to let her affect me.  When you can tune in to your intuition and allow it to guide you more powerfully than your ego, your whole world will begin to change.  It takes courage, and practise. It takes making leaps without knowing if you are going to fall or fly, it is starting before you're ready because your heart guided you through excitement and told you it was right. It then takes ignoring the flood of fear based thoughts from ego soon after you have a soul inspired idea. This is where being brave will change your life. And it is like a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Self Care
For me this is ensuring I am looking after Mind, Body and Soul. Not only because I now realize I deserve it, but also because I will not be able to live in my purpose for very long, if I am constantly tired, depleted or unhealthy.  Some things I do daily care;

* self recorded morning mantras (between snooze buttons in my bed)
* 7 minute morning ritual (right after I feed the dog)
* high level, organic grade nutrients as much as possible (I use organic grade shakes and bars when needed!)
* weight training, sprints on the beach, walks with my fur baby out in the sun (Mon/Wed/Fri morning it is in my schedule - what gets scheduled gets done!)
* journalling, meditating (this is more sporadic through the week to be honest)
* adequate sleep and water
* making unplugged time for my husband and I, friends, and family
* Self Love Sundays for things like massage, spa days, beach days, or curling up on the couch days
* deep conversation with various soul sisters I've come across on this journey


My Brand
This has been a rapidly growing and evolving concept for me as I feel like I am rapidly growing and evolving myself since starting on this journey! It's almost a challenge to keep my website up to date with my new feelings, thoughts, epiphanies and ah-ha moments - though I do my best through consistent uplifting facebook posts, insider tips and wisdom to my subscribers, and sharing a behind the scenes look at my life and thoughts through Instagram. The essence I am trying to capture in my brand - is that to live most fully in the true expression of your being, is to be of service to others in a way that is powerfully connected to your soul, and in this tremendous amount of giving, it is absolutely okay (AND REQUIRED) to receive abundantly as well.   You deserve (and were meant for) a limitless life in all ways - giving, and receiving.

Who is Jennifer Jayde?
It's funny what just came up for me - I can talk for days about what I want to do in the world and what I want to empower other women to create…but to just flat out talk about me I am a little stumped!
I do know I have a mix of both feminine and masculine energy in me - I love to wear makeup, lashes, dresses, high heels and long hair, I love designing my brand, choosing colors and fonts and photos…but I also enjoy the masculine structures of business -  the actual tools and methods that are to make my dreams a reality.  Sales funnels, fb ads, posts, mail lists etc etc - I want to know how and I want to know now.  It's funny because I was the same way as a little girl - I wouldn't wear anything but dresses, but I preferred to play with building blocks, lego, transformers, ninja turtles.

Something unique is that not many people know about me, is that I have a stronger intuitive gift than I realized. I've always kind of known it was there, but I didn't realize to what degree until I began coaching clients one on one. 

My number one piece of advice for a Successful Active Woman would be to actually schedule what
ignites your mind/body/ soul and make it non negotiable. Consciously target the mind, body and soul each day, even if only for a few minutes in the morning and before you fall asleep.  Kelsey has been a huge help and inspiration for me in finding ways to make this happen.

My number one piece of advice for the Female Entrepreneur - Find someone who is living your dream, and move heaven and earth to learn from them. Do what they did, until you get some air beneath your wings and learn to fly on your own…

Thank you beauty for taking the time to read this and allow me to share my heart with you.  If you feel any kind of connection with me,  I welcome you to reach out.  If you would like a copy of my morning ritual recording or some of the other helpful tools I use to keep myself empowered daily, feel free to
download them here: it

And for anyone seeking clarity in their own life's purpose and calling, here is a free 3-Part Video series designed specifically for you:

Special thank you to Kelsey Davidson for giving me the honor to be a part of her