Successful Active Woman interview featuring the talented artist, Jenny of Ava Blake Creations and one of The Alberta Dames

Hello, I am Jenny of Ava Blake Creations and one of The Alberta Dames

 My family built and flipped approx. 7 homes in 14 years and through this process I learned to decorate. Knowing I will always be living in a new home I yearned for some character. What is filled with character and strikes up conversation instantly? Vintage Items! I started painting furniture to make it look old and journey-filled. Having no art background I just rolled with it. I started a blog, the blog grew and I started getting featured on more worldly websites, then local business started to grow. I then found chalk paint and loved the ease of it, and blogged about it. The president of the chalk paint company called me and wanted to meet me. I flew to Vancouver and BAM, the rest is history! I came home and started up a home based business and it grew quickly. I met my partner Annie in Vancouver at the same meeting, we came home and The Alberta Dames were born!  


My Passion

Re-creating old forgotten items fills my soul cup. I love the peace that creating gives me, I love empowering women and helping them find their creative spark through workshops. I super love the support we give over 45 businesses in hosting vintage markets now. I literally love love love working…there isn’t enough hours for me to work in a day.

Alberta Dames Update

The Alberta Dames are exploding right now, not only do we host 2 vintage markets a year but we have our own stencil line that we solely designed, we retail and wholesale our line. We also have an Alberta Dames Glaze line. We continue to teach beginner to advanced workshops, re-created custom furniture and have fun every day!  Our next vintage market this June 4th 2016 will have approx. 6000 attendees, and we have just announced our HUGE news (if you would like to know about it, check out my website or social media)!!!! YAHOO!

My Teeter Totter

Balance is always a rocking teeter totter for me.  I have 3 kids, 2 dogs and a husband. I donated my kidney to my daughter 8 years ago, and my son has a severe nut and dairy allergy so I can definitely tell you that some days my teeter totter flips right over!!  I am OK with that, such is life. I just pick it up and carry on.  I love that I work from home as it gives me so much more flexibility, and I can still paint till all hours of the night. I can tell you that of all the medical, life, trauma journey I have been through that I make sure I have time to create and inspire others. We only have this one life to live and you can make darn sure I am not going to miss a day of it!

My Motivation

What drives me is that life is too short to be sitting in bed. I want to explore new things daily, whether it be in creating, trying new techniques, meeting new people, making a new dinners, hearing a new song on the radio. I love it all. I definitely have music on every single day. I sing right out loud (gawd help my neighbours) I dance all the time. I love teaching the workshops and seeing the creative spark come alive on women, how exciting!!

My strength

I can honestly say that I did not know that I had the strength I had until I needed it. Through all the hardships I just kept telling myself “this CANNOT be how my life plays out”, and in telling myself that I sought out to make sure that I had fun in life. I literally enjoy every moment, every flower, every relationship I have, and every item I paint. Every minute of it all.

My self care routine

Good Lord this is a good one. Just this year I knew I needed to get back working out. To feel good physically and mentally.  I do yoga on Monday nights, Boot camp on Tuesday & Thursday nights and paint and run my business in the in between. Leading up to my events self care in the exercise department drops off but it always comes back once my show is done.

Usually I take a moment throughout my days with a nice dreamy cup of tea, and just stop and breathe.

How can you find me, here you go.

We are currently working in The Alberta Dames website BUT watch this week for a newsletter subscription so you don’t miss a minute of the action!, also on Instagram. You can see some of my work on,, Instagram as well.


Jenny's advice

My advice for a successful active woman would be just roll with things. Make time when you can to work out and self care, not everything has to be scheduled. Maybe you have a free moment one evening, go drop in at yoga or Alive Fitness and refresh yourself. Life is to be lived so go do it!

My #1 advice for a woman entrepreneur would be to love what you do. If you love what you do it will come naturally to you, speeches and promotion just flow out of you and people feel that passion. How exciting!!

Thank you Jenny, for inspiring us with your creativity and passion for what you do and love!

I hope you have enjoyed this interview and you feel more inspired to follow YOUR dreams, like Jenny has.

Have a wonderful Monday


Feeling Alive,