Successful Active Woman Interview Featuring ME!

Over the last 6 months I have had the opportunity of interviewing numerous women entrepreneurs and have shared their passion. 

This week I am giving you the opportunity to give you a little bit more insight about ME, the woman advocating for all Successful Active Women.  

My Story

As many of you know, my story is about not believing in myself, not investing in myself and having the universe kick my BUTT and say KELSEY YOU ARE READY, by shutting down my franchise and pushing me over the edge to JUMP! 

As many of you also know, I love to JUMP! haha So this was right up my alley

  • Scary- YEP
  • Challenging - YEP
  • Adrenaline & heart pumping- YEP! YEP!

This is what life is all about right! Without that little, nudge or push off the edge I would of been living stagnant and unhappy, unchallenged and unmotivated life-uck! 

Why didn't I do it before hand?

I didn't believe that I could have my own business, I didn't believe that I was worth anything or that my talent and passion was worth investing in. I simply did not believe. 

Coming from a family led by entrepreneurship, you would of thought that it would of come easy to become one too, NOPE! Not at all, yes I was inspired by my Dad and Brothers careers yet the self comparison made me doubt myself and doubt my worth. 

Even with that self doubt, I always knew I had a voice and a strong PASSION for Women's health as a body, mind and soul unit. The next step was to jump and create a business and a community on my terms of alignment! 


My Vision

MY vision is HUGE!


Joking aside, it is! 

My vision is for every woman around the WORLD to know what FEELING ALIVE feels like! 

  • To play at the park with your children and not give a shit what others think
  • To crank up the music and have a car dance party 
  • To follow your own dreams and NOT let them take a back seat
  • To be confident when vulnerable
  • To have a balanced business
  • To look bad ass when doing a pull up or burpee
  • To rock that outfit in your own skin

And so many other things for ALL women TO FEEL ALIVE!

That is truly my passion and vision! 


My Motivation

As corny as it sounds, I get really jacked up and excited when I get the texts about being able to go for a run or getting an email stating:

I have never felt balanced before, this is humbling.

I also find my motivation within myself.

I want to live a life true to ME.

This means doing something I LOVE. For me, to do something I LOVE, I choose to wake up early, I choose to stay up late, every decision increases my motivation momentum to accomplishing my goals. 


My Strength

To be honest, I struggle with this one. I could say on one side my strength is my stubbornness. On the other side I could say my stubbornness is my weakness. I am stubborn for what I feel is right and will fight for my clients, family, friends and myself yet sometimes I cloud my vision with my stubbornness. This is why it is my strength and my weakness.

DUH Oh my god!  haha LIGHT BULB ON ....- My strength is my HEART! haha I can't believe I didn't think this.


I love and appreciate all my clients and truly care for them. This is WHY I always say Alive is a family!  

My Self Care Routine

To be honest, this is a struggle, as I feel some days I don't do "enough", yes I am working on overcoming that "enough" ness. 

I do journal every night. As I sit at the edge of my bathtub and reflect upon my day and how appreciative I am for what I have been given and what I have given in the day. I try to run 3x a week, I would honestly say this happens 90% of the time. I try to squeeze in weight training, but it hasn't been happening lately. I have been doing hot yoga 1x a week and LOVING it! 

I have been reading throughout the year which is a NEW thing for me, besides reading junk and fitness magazines. Reading books on self development, chakras,  building businesses, following intuitions and more. 

Honestly self care is HUGE and I make it a priority. I do something every day for every aspect of self care- body, mind, and soul. Including all 3 elements each day has given me a more balanced state of mind and more clarity in my day to day activities whether teaching fitness classes, on Skype coaching calls or volunteering at my sons school. 


Something Special and Unique about ME

Most of you know me, through and through, what most of you don't know me is how scared I am sometimes, yet with the support from key people in my life I have the courage to be a better business woman, be a better balanced woman, and be a better woman. Thank you! 

Something not a lot of people know about me is, when my Dad was sick with Cancer, every day I would drive to the hospital and listen to "The Dance" by Garth Brooks.

This song has given me limitless amounts of comfort beyond those few kilometers I would drive to the hospital. It has led me in numerous directions knowing he was behind me and also knowing that every decision I make, makes an impact on my life.

And now, I’m glad I didn’t know the way it would all end, the way it all would go, our lives are better left to chance, I could of missed the pain, but I’d have to miss the dance


From the experience of my Dad passing away at a young age, myself being a young age (18), from then on I decided to live with no regrets and to own each and every decision I made from then on. To be honest some were good and some I learned from, nevertheless there are no regrets. 


My Advice for Every Woman


Pick a song and let it be your theme song, this song may change time to time and may serve you in different ways for different avenues of your life. Or you may need numerous songs for your life.

I have numerous songs

  • Song for the Alive family
  • Songs for my children
  • Songs for my husband
  • Songs for running and crossing the finish line to support visualization
  • Songs for my BIG DREAMS! 

Each and every song brings me new inspiration, new hope and gives me a deeper connection to my dreams. Try it. Just try! 


My next piece of advice is to listen to your heart more and head less.

A wise friend of mine taught me this and it has been a fundamental turning point in my life. I listen more with my heart than with my head now and feel more grounded and authentic to me. It is almost like I have removed the "should be's"  in my life to the "I choose to be" And right there, my heart is happy. 


There you go, a few new fun facts about me.

Have a wonderful day! 

Feeling Alive







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