Succesful Active Woman Interview featuring the beautiful Meagan Saum from Silver Valley Ranch


Meagan Saum - Equinimity Coach for Life, Leadership & Love

Where Horses Help Humans Achieve Healthy Heads & Happy Hearts


My Story


I was raised on and now work out of, manage & live with my husband and 3 wonderful children on my family ranch called Silver Valley Ranch northwest of Airdrie, Alberta Canada. I have had the opportunity and blessing to do my own healing with horses around the death of my father, the loss of a another dear friend, the time in my life when I suffered from leukemia, traumatic car accidents, learning how to create healthy relationships, developing my leadership style & being successful at setting boundaries.

I have always had a passion for horses which has kept me in the industry my entire life. I have had the opportunity to learn so many things (yes the good and the bad) from "horse experts" in almost every industry. While on the road to helping fill my horsemanship tool box I recognized that I wanted to help people understand horses better but also themselves better and learn to speak a language that was clearer for both horse and humans.

This lead to developing my understanding of a way of horsemanship and humans behavior that speaks to the natural instincts of humans allowing for deeper levels of conscious exploration, growth & healing to happen., which then took me down the path of becoming an Equine Facilitated Life Coach and creating my business Equinimity Coaching for Life, Leadership & Love. I have worked at many different types of jobs and have always been a learner so it was quite organic in how I ended up doing what I do now but one thing that was important to me was that I wanted to be happy and absolutely love and be inspired by what I was filling my days with, I wanted to really live life, connect to people, make money and share the amazing teaching& healing abilities of horses with the world. What I do is quite unique and often misunderstood. People assume I teaching riding lessons or that you come for a guided trail ride getting to enjoy the tranquil setting of the land. But No!! you will never ride a horse here, what I do is unique because it`s about people learning to recognize themselves, believe in themselves and start to create the life they have always wanted to live or couldn’t even imagine themselves achieving all through the eyes of a horse ;-)



Part of my Vision for my business is to be able to invite my clients to a country escape that provides an opportunity for deep transformation for individuals who suffer from being overwhelmed, under-confident or STUCK in an unhappy place in their life, holding space for all the possibilities to come forward that were being held back or shut down due to fear or unconscious resistances. I offer the opportunity for people to experience integrative exploration, growth & healing through mindfulness, nature based & equine facilitated life coaching/therapy in a safe, non-judgemental & tranquil environment. This being my vision and what I have created for my business and my clients is also what I have created for myself to experience and benefit mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually from the exact same things. This is my home where I am raising my children with my husband and what I learn from all of my clients as well as the horses creates the opportunities for me to continue to grow in myself as a women, a mother, a wife and a friend. There are always times of struggle or chaos that pull us away from balance but it is my belief that being balanced means knowing what feels unbalanced to you and then consciously moving yourself towards what brings you more happiness.



“A wise woman recognizes when her life is out of balance and summons the courage to act to correct it, she knows the meaning of true generosity, happiness is the reward for a life lived in harmony, with a courage and grace.”  Suze Orman


My motivation-

Knowing that every single day there is something amazing and special that’s coming my way that is going to continue my self-growth whether it be an opportunity, a challenge, a life lesson, another thing to add to my gratitude list or a moment to just sit and dream about what I can see for myself, where my desires want to lead me next. It’s exciting and invigorating to take chances and embrace a mental state of holding space for possibilities whether that be for myself or my clients. Music, trail walking or running, reading and riding my horses are what fuels me up and spending time with my family and friends are what keeps me centered, grounded & moving towards the purpose of the things that I choose for me,



My strength

One of my clients actually brought me insight to what my strength is when we were discussing what we provide back to the people around us and the earth what our “Purpose” is…I said to her “I am not totally sure in words what it is that I bring, what my gift is but I can feel it” and she returned “Meagan!! Your strength is that you hold space for others as well as yourself to see and act on possibilities”  (Possibilities being what we are saying NO to, resisting or avoiding because it’s uncomfortable or not the routine). But possibilities are the only way we reach for things that push us, challenge us and keeping us growing. Bringing the unconscious to the conscious is a powerful avenue for growth & healing.


Self Care

My form of self care could be anything that I am purposefully and intentionally doing to honor myself and the amazing women that I am from moment to moment. So it could look like choosing a healthy choice over one that I know will not make me feel energized long term or choosing a not so healthy choice instead that I know that I love and it will bring a smile to my face. Movement every day!, Which could be in the form of ranch chores, riding my horses, a leisurely walk, run on the treadmill or a hard core strength training session. Time spent in nature practicing  gratitude, meditation or simply just for the quiet moment (if nature isn’t available sometimes locking myself in the bathroom for 5 minutes can be equally as rejuvenating lol) Taking care of my bodies needs with chiro or other alternative avenues. The key being self care to me is about listening to ones self and asking what is it in this moment that I need to feel connected and loving towards myself and others. Then going and doing just that!



My website is an opportunity for people to connect to our passion and the purpose behind why we do this very important work. There are lots of pictures and we use language that is consistent with the language used when you we meet in person. I feel this creates an opportunity for people to feel who we are and what we represent versus just see it. We hope to inspire and empower people and connect them to the ranch, myself and the horses before even arriving here.





Me-  Meagan!

My husband and I are the parents of 3 beautiful children, 2 boys ages 5 & 4 and an 18 month old little girl so there is never a dull moment ;-). I am a nature lover, obvious horse enthusiast, my body needs lots of movement to feel happy (good thing I live on a farm!) I honeymooned in Paris France & I couldn’t live without reading lame romance novels because really I love happy endings! My most favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is the NO restrictions type of approach to my work that it provides me! By taking all the things that really fuel me, inspire me and that I have been blessed with and turning it into my career, it allows me the freedom to choose my own schedule & work with my clients in any way that is meant to happen that allows for the deepest form of transformation. I am blessed to be working in an environment that is very special and comfortable to me (in nature, with horses or in my beautiful office) which fosters an empowering space for deep self-exploration, healing & growth not only for the women I work with but within myself. This allows me to be successful, grounded, calm and confident (most of the time ;-) in myself, how I parent & wife and how I continue to manifest my dreams within my career.



→My number one advice for a Successful  Active Woman

First you must recognize the only way we move towards our desire, dreams or simply a better life is with Love (to self, others and the world around you). Resistance, judgement, restriction or self-punishing behavior will only move you farther away from your purpose & your happiness.



→. My number one advice for a Woman entrepreneur

Compile all the things on a list that make you YOU when you are the happiest, things that make you grateful for who you are and what you have, the things you may have loved but have forgotten, the things you always have wanted to do that give you the butterflies and the skipping heart and then… design your business, purpose and lifestyle incorporating all of these things, one thing, one moment at a time. There is that old saying “A happy wife is a happy life” well it is within your own power to design your own happiness. There will be tough times, times that you feel like you want to pack it all in but those are just times, moments and by staying present with each moment and choosing YOU, you will have all the success you deserve ( & literally you will have only the success you deserve! Lol so work hard, play hard and love hard) I know you can do it!


Thank you for sharing and inspiring Meagan.



I personally have been to her ranch and the times I have been there, have been life changing for me. I can not put into words how unforgettable the experience was and how appreciative I am for her and her facility. Thank you Meagan, from the bottom of my heart.


Feeling Alive,