STOP passing the buck!!! Own Up!

I see it all the time with fitness, nutrition, mindset and goals.

What do I see? Passing the buck.

What do I hear? "It worked for my friend, it should for me." or "How was I supposed to know?" or "It said _____, why would it deceive me?" 

Your health is YOUR responsibility, not anyone else's.

Doctors will provide you with solutions but only if

A- You go (you would not imagine how many conversations I have with women about actually seeking professional help either Doctors or Naturopaths or Energy healers! Go! 

B- Listen to your body and if something doesn't feel right, acknowledge it. Maybe the professional will suggest something but it still doesn't feel "right" to you. I encourage you to seek another professionals opinion. Your body knows more than anyone. 

AND C- You communicate anything and everything.Did you know that most ankle pain stems from your lower back? Your body is ALL  connected and what you may think is an isolated ankle injury, could show you that your lower back is weak. 

Again it all circles back to YOU!

You taking charge of your own health!

Today, I wanted to shine a light on how you can treat your body, mind and spirit in a more responsible way. 

1. Listen to your body. It's as simple as that.

2. Get rid of those limiting beliefs Time to stop saying statements like it's  "old age" or it's "growing older" or "I've had kids" - This may sound harsh but each one of those are LIMITING BELIEFS. You have created them and have held yourself back with them. You are the one saying these, you are the one holding yourself back! Move forward and live a healthy lifestyle at any age!

3. Treat your body like your toddler. Give your body movement, food and gratitude.

Example for mindset- Imagine treating your body like a toddler. What would happen if your toddler did something remarkable and you said "Go harder next time". That toddler would probably rebel or loose ambition to do it again. This is exactly like your spirit/heart. Show yourself gratitude and acknowledge the accomplishment no matter how big or small. This will propel you to do it again. 

Example for food- Yo Yo dieting is one of the hardest stresses you can place on your body. It creates an imbalance and puts your body into stress mode, which will then store fats and lead to weight gain. You may not think Yo Yo dieting is creating stress on your body but think of it like giving a toddler a brand new toy. Then randomly later taking it away 2 weeks later. Oh and then a week later you give it back to him for a day, then you aggressively take it away and this goes on for months.... how do you think that toddler would react? Stressed, possessive and angry- how do you think your body will react? The same way. It will store food in unwanted places because it's in starvation/scarcity mode. 

Example for movement- Parent or not a parent, you know that children behave considerably better when they have been moving or have been engaged. Why? Because they had a physical release of emotions and energies. Built up emotions and energies are never a good thing, it snowballs until an eruption of unnecessary and wrongly placed emotions. You're the same! At any age we need the physical release of built up emotions and energies and this can be accomplished with a leisurely walk or bike ride or kick boxing session. Whatever it is, release it!  


I know as a parent I take full responsibility of my children's health and I'm their advocate for their health. But who is my advocate? ME.

And who is your health advocate? YOU! 

It's your time to STOP downplaying.

It's your time to STOP justifying your health.

It's your time to START seeking support and professionals.

It's your time to START listening to YOUR own body (not your friends or the neighbors, who dropped 10 lbs in one week- they aren't YOU)

It your time to START being kinder and gentler to your body and mind. 

It's time to start owning your own health, taking action, start being accountable and STOP passing the buck! 


- Kelsey 

Kelsey Davidson