Staying Grounded in Chaos

Grounded in chaos, kinda seems like an oxymoron eh. Yet, staying calm and grounded during disruptions and chaos gives us the opportunity to learn about ourselves, our environment and our support systems.

While staying grounded can be challenging on a regular day, what I have found to help me is, for me to stay true to what makes me smile and feel happy!

By doing this I find myself being more authentic and more in control of how I will react. In the book "Leveraging the Universe" by Mike Dooley, he talks about how  it isn't all about creating the perfect scene of the perfect job, it is HOW we REACT to the one we are given, how we react to the scenario we are in- it is there where we will show our passion, our love and our support. 

For example- your boss lays down a large project on your desk - you have two choices, get grumpy that you got the load of crap OR feel honoured that he/she trusted you with this work load. Right there in that split second - things will change- your outlook on the experience AND your future outlook! When people are constantly negative and down, what happens, they get shit on more! When people can see that silver lining and can vision an elevation in job, life, relationships- they receive it. 

I would like to share with you a few helpful tips to stay grounded during chaos and learn how to react with a more positive outlook. 

  • One thing I love and value is my gratitude journal- I never was a big journal writer until about 9 months ago and it has changed me! Taking the time to reflect and show appreciation to myself and my impact on the world, shows me I am living aligned in my life! 
  • Second, we have all heard it but how many of us have actually counted down from 10-1, doing the slow count down allows us to process and take a wider look at the situation
  • Third and one I have practiced for a VERY VERY long time without realizing it was a thing, is to always look for that silver lining! It is there! Open your heart and eyes and you WILL see it! Believe me! And don't get me wrong- sometimes I am asking the universe "What the hell dude!" Yet taking the moment to crack a joke, or make light of the situation, or look to that little bit of a silver lining does truly help. For example- I launched my very first online program, so excited!!! So so so very excited.... yet not one person bought... was I upset? Yes, did I give up? NO. What did I do? I thought how awesome is it that it is launched and ready for someone when they are ready! I didn't get down, I got proud that it happened. 
  • Fourth and lastly, be true to yourself! Yes being positive all the time isn't always the best recipe and yes sometimes the journalling slips away. But know what? YOU WONT SLIP AWAY, everything that you value, believe and support is within YOU! Staying true to yourself will give you that confidence to solve any problem under fire, will give you the strength to stand up for what you believe in and provide you with alignment on YOU BEING THE BEST VERSION OF YOU! 

Having these techniques to assist and support you through chaos will become fundamental as you start to spread your wings more.

You then will become GROUNDED DURING CHAOS!


Have a wonderful Day

Feeling Alive,


There is always a silver lining! 

There is always a silver lining!