*Smile* :)

I love to smile!
I love seeing people smile!
I love making people smile!
I love the sound of a smile either its laughter or a quiet and heart felt smile



A funny little  quirk about me, and some of my running friends know this is, even when I am DYING and out of breath, I will still say Hi and smile to a patron I am encountering or passing by. Even cars, I will smile at. (side note- if you don't stop for me at a cross walk... I will not smile at you!)  Anyways I will make the best effort possible to SMILE and say HI, even when grasping for my own air.

Recently, literally we just got back 2 hours ago, from our road trip up to the North coast of Costa Rica and my husband (not an instant "smiler"- funny story about our first encountered is - I thought he was mean BECAUSE he didn't smile and say hi to me - true story! He obviously won me over later on) What he noticed was that the people on the North Coast was that they weren't as smiley as our Central/South coast locals. I sat back. If he noticed that people weren't as smiley, was I wearing rose coloured glasses the whole time or where was I looking? And as he shared this with me, I started to realize how I was looking for the people directly in front of me, who were saying "Hola" and med friendly, where as he was watching the people interacting with each other.

Which makes sense, he observes the environment we are in, whereas I jump into the environment!   

This made me realize, that he was looking for how the locals and others were interacting with their friends, family and customers. To foreshadow how we would be treated and how we would feel while living up there. Which is something I never thought of. Other's energies do affect ours and I am very aware of removing the negative energy yet had never of thought of the energy that would be created in a touristy town with a high turn over. With tourists in and out every day, there is less opportunities for of a deeper connection. The smiles across the street could be misinterpreted as a taxi call, or wanting to buy a bird necklace,  or something else. It wouldn't be interpreted as the smile it is. 

And hey,

  • Maybe we didn't catch it because we were in a new place.
  • Maybe we didn't catch it because we weren't on vacation.
  • Maybe we didn't catch it because we are happy down in our southern part.  

We have had beautiful hospitality where we are at, the locals are very patient with us (and our span-glish) and our neighbours are beyond friendly! 

Every experience is a learning experience and this trip showed me how I look for the smiles in front of me and how my husband looks for the smiling interactions. Equally balancing each other out.

I ask that you give yourself time to look for both, create both and enjoy the smiles in front of you and the smiles happening around you.


Have a wonderful day


(Please note these are our personal opinions of the north coast, we did love our time up there and it is an absolutely beautiful place to live in. I am sure locals are  happy within themselves. This was our personal observation and it does not reflect any certain business or direct human beings.)

Kelsey Davidson