Screw the HOW

I don't know about you, but I know I've been hung up on the  "HOW'S" of life!  Have you ever been hung up too?

  • How will I train for a half marathon
  • How will I loose weight
  • How will I get that job promotion
  • How will I travel the world

 The "HOW'S" in life can be overwhelming, can create anxiety and can damage your intention. Usually the "HOW'S" only set us further back! It starts by you questioning HOW to start and snow balls into questioning yourself and your ability.  Then, you start to get discouraged because every answer from the HOW seems like it has a million steps or months of commitment or it's completely out of your reach.

And of course, why wouldn't it? 

You have built it up in your head as this untouchable goal, when in fact it's at your finger tips! 

What would you say if I told you, you already had it in you? 

It's true. No matter what your goal is, it comes down to YOU being true to you and trusting in YOURSELF!  

  • If you desire a promotion at work, it comes down to you investing time and energy to obtain it. Newsflash, you have the time and you have the energy if you believe you can have that position. It's already in you, all you need to do is prioritize life for it. Then plan for the new role! 
  • If you desire to run a half marathon, it again comes down to you investing time and energy. Newsflash, you have it! And a super cool thing about this goal is, your feet will follow your heart as long as you allow it to. So start running! 

See, it's already in you! You have it! Why question yourself and your goal if you already have it in yourself? Because questioning the HOW is your way of holding yourself back from GREATNESS, or it's your way of allowing your head to get in the way of your heart or your way of ultimate procrastination. 

Remove the HOW and allow things to happen organically.

Imagine if farmers questioned HOW to grow fruits and vegetables. Where would we be? I bet you, we would of been a season or a year or even a decade behind receiving fruit and vegetables because of holding back and questioning themselves.

I know the HOW's in life are easy to get hung up on. God, I was hung up on mine for over a year!! How would I move down south? How would I keep the Alive family going? How would I serve my Alive family? How would my family adapt? How would we get into the country? How long would we be here or there? All those HOW's floated in my head and I literally had to say "You don't serve me, my heart serves me" and I would realign myself to my vision. A vision I kept holding onto. I didn't know what country it was in but it was me sitting with my laptop, feet planted on ceramic orange tile and a window with overgrown palm trees. I would constantly envision this frame of a moment. Again, I had no clue where it was. In late November I was sitting at my dresser, feet planted on the orange ceramic floor, facing my laptop, family in the living room playing Lego, overgrown palm trees surrounding our home, it was this exact moment did I realize the POWER of manifesting and having a clear vision!




"Imagine yourself already there and it will come true" statement IS APPARENTLY TRUE! lol


Remove the HOW's and concentrate on YOU already achieving your goal. Imagine yourself crossing the finish line and hugging your family members as you celebrate your accomplishment. Imagine getting your promotion and enjoying the new position. Imagine hiking Machu Picchu or seeing Big Ben in London and absorbing the cultures. Imagine yourself THERE and soon enough you will be! 

Have a wonderful day,







Kelsey Davidson