Respect the Training

Respect the Training, funny enough this thought just popped into my head this afternoon. I wasn't weight training, I wasn't coaching, I wasn't doing anything overly productive, to be honest I was making a cup of warm lemon water. It popped into my head and thoughts of long runs, heavy deadlifts, late nights on my lap top, all came rushing into my head. As that rush happened, a smile on my face appeared and I thought to myself - HOW crazy are you that all these things make you smile!? 

Well, it's not the late nights in front of the laptop or the long treadmill runs or outside freezing runs, or the crazy lifting that make me grunt like the Hulk. It's the feeling I feel during and after.

It's the feeling of:

  • "I am worthy of this"
  • "I value myself to do this"
  • "I WANT THIS!" 

It's those thoughts of being a super hero that makes me smile! 

I remember training for my 4th half marathon in one year, and there I was on the hamster wheel because it was literally too cold to run outside! Yes running 8-12 miles on a treadmill can get mentally exhausting and there were times where the self talk was an Asshole but I would keep reminding myself of how I felt when it was going to be done. I must admit most of the time, I was as happy as a clam on my treadmill. I was solving the worlds problems in my head, I was getting into my deep thinking ways, listening to my heart and my muscles and I was escaping the thoughts of laundry, cooking, emails, kids homework and more. I was there for ME! I was there to be stronger for me! I was invested into me! And what a great feeling that was! 

Not every training day is a WONDERFUL, Sunshine & Lollipop kind of day. And not every training day is grueling. The common denominator is that every training day we GIVE ourselves - WE GROW.

With each growth we blossom more.

If we do not allow ourselves to grow, we will never know how far we can reach. If we do not challenge ourselves we will never know our limitless potential. If we do not push the envelop, the envelop will always be closed.


Respect the training,

as it GIVES you an opportunity to grow and time to blossom.

Have a wonderful morning, afternoon or night

Feeling Alive,





Kelsey Davidson