Successful Active Woman Interview Recaps & My Personal Top 10 "Ah Ha" moments or "BOOM That's it" moments.

This week I wanted to reflect on all of the amazing interviews I have had the opportunity to  do with the Successful Active Woman Interview. It has been inspiring and eye opening to listen and be a part of each entrepreneurs journey. 

Now there is a community for these and more like minded women -  Successful Active Woman

Now there is a community for these and more like minded women - Successful Active Woman

When I started out interviewing I was doing it for a few different personal reasons.

--> The first one was I wanted to learn from the Pro's. I knew that if I wanted to have the life and the goals I dreamed of, I needed to connect with women who are living that life. This interview has provided that with me and I am fortunate now to call these strong entrepreneurs my friends and my networking circle. 

--> The second reason was to provide women and small businesses a platform to showcase their own passion! I wanted to give them the opportunity to share their story, their products and services and their success stories. 

--> Lastly, I wanted to share with the world how many beautiful women are making their dreams come true with powerful intentions and self care routines. 

Over the last 6 months, I have interviewed over 25 women entrepreneurs and a powerhouse husband wife team from The FC Company  . Each interview brought me new light, new passion and new insight on motivation, self care and authenticity.


In this reflection I wanted to share my Top 10 "AH HA" moments and "BOOM That's it!" moments! 

  1.  Jennifer Jayde mentions in her interview  that :  I am looking after Mind, Body and Soul. Not only because I now realize I deserve it, but also because I will not be able to live in my purpose for very long, if I am constantly tired, depleted or unhealthy.

  2. Lindsey Willis inspires me in her interview   with :    What drives me is when I see that spark when a busy moms sees the possibilities. When she sees that there are options that don't include two busy parents working jobs they don't really enjoy. That that isn't the only option. That you can build a business around your passions

  3. As Sarah Cormier shares with us her amazing strength in her interview   :   My strength has always been there, I just never took the time to realize it before grief.  My own strength surprised me as I began this journey and continues to surprise me every day. It continues to be there because I love.

  4. From Sara with Bunky & Maries she shared with us her vision of her website www.bunkyandmaries.comWhen someone opens our website, I want them to feel like it is a place they feel comfortable shopping.  Majority of the pictures are of me, and as a size 6/8 I want people to look at the pictures and think they could wear these clothes too.

  5. With Preet from Studio 150 shared with us in her interview her vision: For me its not just a business anymore, it's a dream that I always had and now it's a reality. 

  6. As Jenny from Ava Blake inspired me with her strength in her interview I can honestly say that I did not know that I had the strength I had until I needed it. Through all the hardships I just kept telling myself “this CANNOT be how my life plays out”, and in telling myself that I sought out to make sure that I had fun in life. I literally enjoy every moment, every flower, every relationship I have, and every item I paint. Every minute of it all.

  7. Erin with Raising Hope, shared with me great advice on business in her interview:  If I could give any advice being a new business owner it would be to stay true to your self.  Don't do something because you think that's what other people want.  Make your business your own, put your love and passion into it and people will see that through your work. 

  8. Steph from Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict shared with us the importance of having a strong support system in her interviewAfter about a year of me saying “yea, one day I will start that website….one day”,  my husband purchased the domain and sent a text message saying “ you now own – go do it”. It forced me to stop just talking about it – but to do it. It’s the people like that in my life that fuel the fire and provide my strength.  

  9. I love in the interview with KJL mobile boutique how the girls shared why they love KSL: KSL’s goal is to motivate others to achieve your dreams by offering clothes that give you the self confidence that encourages you to be more active. 

  10. Last yet not least, and perhaps I waited with the best for last, as I believed Courtneys interview was the most emotional one yet for me as she opened up and shared her personal struggles in her interview:  I cried out to the universe, “Get me well, give me another chance, and I’ll DO SOMETHING with it.” The universe delivered and with the most divinely timed medical intervention, I recovered. Fourteen days after I recovered, I quit my job (much to the discouragement of my boss and the skepticism of my family) and became a full-time entrepreneur.


As I reflect on all these beautifully strong woman I would love to share with you Meagan Saums words of wisdom for the Successful Active Woman:

First you must recognize the only way we move towards our desire, dreams or simply a better life is with LOVE (to self, others and the world around you). Resistance, judgement, restriction or self-punishing behaviour will only move you farther away from your purpose & your happiness
— Meagan Saum -Silver Valley Ranch


Keep your eyes peeled for more Successful Active Woman Interviews coming up and THANK YOU! 

Thank you for reading and Thank you to the amazing women that have shared and inspired you and me with their stories of success.


Feeling Alive