Post Work Snack Hacks

I'm sure you've heard how important a post workout snack is, I'm not going there today. I'm sharing with you a few life hacks on how to make that post workout snack happen in the window it needs to happen. 

Replacing lost fluids and nutrients need to be done within 30 mins of you workout and for you, you may not even get home in time of that 30 min window. And let's be honest, maybe you do get home but your kids climb all over you for 10 mins, then you have a shower and shit it's been 90 mins post workout and no food. Now it's on like Donkey Kong! You are rummaging through your cupboards for anything and everything (most likely not anything that would properly refuel you) because you are STARVING! 

Here are my 5 little life hacks to avoid that

  1. Pre portion trail mix or nuts and seeds into snack bags or little Tupperware containers. Pre portion them out and then leave them in your fridge. When you head out the door for your workout, grab those to leave in your car. This way you can snack on your drive home. 
  2. Make energy balls (I personally love the variety Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict gives) Energy balls are a jammed pack way to refuel your body in a yummy little treat. Again, grab your shoes and grab these in your bag. 
  3. Office life, if you head to your workout from your office why not leave apples or banana's at your office. When you leave your office grab your fruit of choice and you have it from home. 
  4. Pre portion your smoothie ingredients. Come home to a Ziploc snack bag pre done in your freezer with cut up bananas, berries, and seeds. Simply, add in your yogurt or protein powder into your magic bullet and BOOM done in less than a few minutes. AND kids can climb on you while you do that! Simple, quick and easy!
  5. Leave a box of healthy post workout bars in your office or in your car. Again, on your drive home enjoy one! 

If you are working out from home these will all help you too. One adjustment I would do is put your water bottle in your fridge beside your energy balls or trail mix. When you open the fridge you grab both. And if you have a designated area to sweat in, why not leave your post workout bars there.

It is really important to have a post work out snack for 2 reasons.

First reason is because you've just put your body through stress. It may not of seemed like stress, it may have been quiet enjoyable to you but you did. You challenged your muscles, heart and lungs to work harder than at rest. With that challenge they used more energy. You need to replace the basic nutrients what you have burned. I don't mean if you burned 800 calories you need to replace all 800. No. You need to replace nutrients like carbs, fats and proteins in a percentage. A sample is a bar with 30-40g of carbs, less than 8g of fat and 10-20g of protein. Secondly, you need that post work out snack because if you don't you will be starving yourself, which will lead you to raiding your cupboards in 2 hours!! And reaching for sugar because all your brain is thinking about is "instant food". This will lead to eating a larger portion and unfulfilling foods. Vicious circle there 

Eat within 30 mins post workout. 

Class is 6-7pm



And don't forget your kids on the football field, hockey rink or the soccer field, while they sweat hard out there they need to replace nutrients too. They need a snack post activity too. Make sure to pack something for them in their bags!

Lots of water too of course!

Have a wonderful day

- Kelsey