Oh Sh*t, it's Sunday

Sunday is here and OH SHIT

Time to start stressing about Monday and for the week.

I have seen this and felt this way too many times now, to fall victim to the "Sunday Blues", as I like to call them. I call them that because I was sad the weekend was done and was feeling overwhelmed with the week coming.

Sound familiar? 


 Your energy will go where you focus it, thus, if you focus on "OH SHIT IT'S SUNDAY", your thoughts and beliefs will mirror that too and turn into this snowball shit storm, and that does not sound like a positive way to start your week! Monday doesn't need to be dreaded, for some people, like myself I get excited for Monday.

Why am I excited?

  • I'm excited for routine
  • I'm excited to make a difference in women's lives
  • I'm excited to learn more
  • I'm excited to see what the universe will bring me
  • I'm excited for the future!

When I give myself the freedom to be EXCITED FOR MONDAY, I create a positive and proactive attitude towards my week. Again, your energy will go where you focus it. 

I desire to share with you, my proactive Sunday tips. I hope they speak to you and serve you

 combat the "Sunday Blues"

  1. Giving myself a moment at the end of the Sunday to reflect on what I gave this weekend and what I received this weekend.
  2. Meal prep -- can't stress it enough, and please if you need support here, check out Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict
  3. Friday afternoon be proactive for Monday, set out a to do list for Monday. Set aside time Monday for weekend catch up time. 
  4. Sunday Self care, I give myself a self care activity on Sunday for me to reflect upon myself as a Woman. Not as a Mom, wife or entrepreneur. As a WOMAN! 
  5. Pre pack my bag/purse for what I need for tomorrow, AKA MONDAY! (lunch packed in the fridge, water bottle set out, planner ready, iPod charged, phone charger in work purse, shoes packed, gym clothes ready)
  6. Every day gratitude/appreciation journal (keeping consistent on the weekends will help combat the Sunday Blues)
  7. Make sure I have self care scheduled throughout the week for my whole body. EACH part-  Physical, Spiritual and Mental side (physical - gym time, spiritual- yoga/journal/affirmation, mental -disconnect time, real connections and conversations that fuel you/journal/positive self talk)
  8. Breathing techniques before bed such as counting 22 inhale 22 exhale- 21 inhale 21 exhale- 20 inhale 20 exhale until I reach a meditation state where I calm my body down and give my mind peace.
  9. Music also helps calm me before the big week and gives me permission to welcome emotions that I experienced this past weekend
  10. I'm realistic with me, my time, and my energy. I will not set my expectations to SOLVE ALL the worlds problems on Monday. I DO set out a powerful intention for my week and for Monday for what I desire to do with my open heart, my time and energy.

By giving yourself these action steps, you are giving yourself a head start on the week, you are combating the Sunday Blues and enjoying your weekend til the last minute of it!

There is no reason why the weekend party should be cut short because Monday is it's neighbour!

Carry on with life and be proactive! 

Have a wonderful day

- Kelsey