My Top 10 Powerful Songs!

You know when a special song comes on and there is NO STOPPING the car dance moves, the grocery cart dance and/or the full blown rapping in public!

Today I wanted to share with you my TOP 10 POWERFUL SONGS song that

  • Get me moving when I'm in a slump
  • Push me out of my comfort zone
  • Make me to a fist pump while running
  • Turn my frown upside down! 
  • Provided me therapy through ALL pivotal moments in my life.


I  believe everyone should have a theme song, a song to reflect where they want to go in life, where they are at, and how their past has taught them.

If you have never thought of a theme song, think about what songs connect with you on a deeper level and start from there.



Here are my TOP 10 SONGS, and to be honest, they are not in order because depending on the day and how I am feeling the last song listed could be my favourite song that day. 

#1 - Katy Perry- Roar. How could I not have this at the top of my list?! This song is empowering on all levels. "I AM A CHAMPION" 

#2  - Eminem "Not Afraid" This is my song for whenever I feel self doubt or when others doubt me, I crank this song and know "I do this for me" and reassure myself I CAN DO THIS and so can YOU! 

 #3- Hailee Steinfeld "Love myself" - I wish for every woman and girl to listen to this song and love their body more! And scream "I LOVE ME!" 

#4-  Trooper "Raise a little hell" - Now come on, this is a MUST on any KICK ASS play list! 

#5- Macklemore"Can't hold us back" - YES just that!  No one can hold you back! Here is a song to REV your engine and push you out of your comfort level in your personal and professional life.

#6 Kelly Clarkson "Stronger"  not much explanation needed here. 

#7 Icona Pop - "We Got the World" - sit back and listen to this song, remind yourself WE'VE GOT THE WORLD!!! 


#8 Pink "Raise a Glass" - How could I not have a pump up, girl power, fun list without Pink!?! She is the ultimate girl power rock star! Raise your glass to yourself right now- you rock! 

#9  TI featuring Rhiannon "Live Your Life"  This song got great publicity back in 2008 with the show "The Hills". For me personally, this song came out when I became stronger within myself as I started to follow my passion of fitness. This song speaks to me everyday as I live my life! 

#10 Julie Fowlis "Touch the Sky". Yes a Disney movie with a red headed princess, of course I choose that soundtrack song. I love how this song speaks to all senses of following your dreams and "touching the sky" 

There are MILLIONS of other songs that can motivate you,

empower you


Give you the strength to BE PROUDLY YOURSELF!



Now it is your turn to go find it!  

 find a song that sings to YOU, YOUR HEART, YOUR MIND and YOUR MUSCLES! 


Feeling Alive,




Kelsey DavidsonComment