My big dreams were hidden under my self doubt

Wow, already wrapping up 2016. I feel that it just started. Yet I feel Dec 2015 was years ago! In Dec 2015 I took the leap of faith to invest in myself and invest in a business coach, Jennifer Jayde. At that moment, I was scared to share my dreams with anyone, I was scared to open up on what I was truly feeling called to serve. I was scared because self doubt took over and bullied me. I had nothing on self doubt! Literally just kept getting hit - right, left and center with negative self talk and no direction on rising above. My big dreams were hidden in my self doubt.

My good friend, Sarah challenged me to pick a theme word for 2016. I had already been working on one with my spiritual coach, Brandy Corocan and had given the word PASSION as my 2016 word. Sarah made my a jar with PASSION written across it and had I had it on my dresser all year.

This constant reminder was what made my 2016 monumental. 

With the word passion, I associated a mantra with it. "To be intentional with each and every choice I made." Down to the clothing I would buy, where I go for coffee, where I would invest my time and energy. This is when I started to realize the impact one person can make by being intentional. It gave me strength to say "no" to things I always wished I would of said no to but felt the "should be" guilt. It gave me a sense of pride, when wearing clothing bought from local shops (Bunky & Maries, Asha Yoga, KJL/ KSL Active Wear, Sharon the Crafty Hunter, Eat Lolo  and others) or stores that donated a portion to charities I was passionate about  (Quinn's Legacy, Shop Raising Hope and The FC Company), because I knew I was making a difference.

Being intentional also created a platform for me to have deeper connection with my personal and my professional life.

Top from Bunky & Maries

Top from Bunky & Maries

While being intentional with my personal life, I was excited with each choice I made. I never had a coffee date where I felt drained or didn't want to attend. I would make honest attempts at disconnecting from work to connect, in the moment, with my friend or family member I was with. Trusting in myself that the choice I made was the best one for me.

In my professional life, I witnessed a new circle of business women surrounding me. I was now running with women that were the GSD (Get Shit Done!) women and the NO BS women. The women I was admiring in 2015 and now, 2016 I was one. My business relationships in 2016 are on a more trusting and energetic plain. I know as I give, I will receive and as they give, they will receive. It's a natural and loving business energy flow.  They are no longer forced or one sided like 2015.

While being intentional brought me connections, it also raised my voice on who I wanted to serve and how I wanted to serve women. This brought my dreams to life. With the confidence I grew by being intentional and showing passion - I felt I could share my dreams with the public.

How crazy would it be if I could serve women while living some where I had always dreamed of?

Hmmm how crazy is that?

YEP pretty crazy but hey it's my dream and I dream BIG!  

The negative self talk was no longer serving me, it's voice was now minimized while the passionate voice was maximized! I intentionally kicked it out of my head whenever it would sneak in, called it Mr. Asshole and asked him to leave! 

I was moving forward with my passion right beside me! 

I ask you, what is your 2017 power word and intention? 

Grab it and hold on to it! 

Look for the universe showing your signs of your word and trust that your word will be your guiding light.

Have a wonderful wrap up of 2016,


Kelsey Davidson