Motivational Mom Boss Interview featuring Jocelyn Slivinski

This week is a bit different, this week I am featuring a network marketing Mom Boss. A woman, who I have crossed paths with a couple times, know similar strong women and I have been following her jewelry and mission on Instagram! Today, she is sharing her story of how she chose the right company for her and how that is a strong part of her success. 


Please explain to our readers your story, your pivotal moments, how you became an entrepreneur, what made you decide this was right for you, what is unique about your brand and your story.


I was at a moment in time when my three children were so time consuming that I felt like I had nothing that was for me! My parents had recently separated and I need something happier to focus on.  My husband encouraged me to go for it! Like really what did I have to lose? So off I went on my journey!

 Joining Color by Amber was easy to do because the companies beliefs were right in line with my own.  They help women and their families in developing countries by hiring them as artisans. I loved the Full Circle Story and was on a mission to spread that message. I have a unique company in that we give back in so many ways to villages.  We build schools, provide midwife training, install solar pump stations so that they have running water and so much more. My fire keeps burning inside when I hear more about their improvements in their lives.


Share with us your vision for your business, your clients, your personal life and how it is balanced or not balanced.


My vision is to continually spread the Full Circle story, online and at home parties! I love meeting new people and showing them how the way they accessorize can change the world for so many! I am passionate about my growing team of Color by Amber Stylists, we are 300 strong in Canada and the USA. So not only can we improve lives of our artisans, but also the stay at home moms, single moms or retired women! There is a place in this ground floor company for anyone. For me this is not a job, it is my passion.  


I have 3 children ages 7, 6 and 3. We spend lots of time reading and playing outside. They are involved in many different activities which helps balance my work life. I put the phone away and just enjoy watching them have fun.  I also enjoy taking “me” time to get my nails done and just simply relax.


What drives you to leap out of bed, what creates your momentum, what creates your passion to support busy Moms, what elevates your mind to a new level. Music, exercising, dancing  etc?


My business truly does make me leap out of bed! Questions or brainstorming sessions with my teammates gets me so excited! We are a tight knit group and work very closely together. I also have a passion for providing excellent customer service. I do lots of fun giveaways and run a successful Facebook group to facilitate that.


I am also an artist! I do abstract landscape paintings.  It is an excellent way for me to find that elevation that your mind needs to remain motivated and focused on your long term goals. 


Share with us your strength and how you have gained them. And what made you reach out to gain them.

My strength is really connecting with people who I meet. I am a good listener and able to identify where I can help them in a way that fits their lifestyle. I focus on continual motivation through incentive programs. And when I take my strengths and put them together it makes me a great leader. Someone who can be relied on, truthful and helpful. It took pushing past a fear of rejection and growing my own confidence to stand up and really own that leader role.


Do you create time or how do you create time for exercise, meditation, nutrition and self love. And how often does it happen throughout the week?

My family goes to church once a week together. I believe it is important to have mediation or a prayer life of some kind. To give thanks for everything you have and pray for those who don’t.  My husband and I make as many donations as we can to organizations of families that we believe in and trust to help better their lives.


I also take time to work on my artwork. This doesn’t happen once a week but more as I feel inspired to start a painting. That might happen twice a year but when it starts my focus remains their until the project is complete. 


Another self-love activity that I do is participate in ladies nights! I love getting together with my girlfriends to have a good laugh and a glass of wine! We try to do this as often as our schedules allow and I always feel rejuvenated after our gatherings!


Can you explain to everyone,  your theme for your website and what you wanted it to say and feel. What does it feature and how does it show and educate your followers and women looking at your website.

My website showcases our artisans and their stories.  I want my clients to always remember that along with purchasing beautiful jewelry that is made from recycled materials, you are also supporting women around the world. We are bettering their lives and that message is clear.  You can shop by country or by collection, it is an easy site to navigate and find something you like! 






Let us know a little bit about you, and what your passion is and why you are entrepreneur. Share with us something unique and fun.


It took many jobs and changes in my life to come to a place where I accepted network marketing! Now that I am here I realize there was actually no better place for me. I have found my thing. I have never felt so much that I am exactly where I am meant to be. Not just any company would have done the trick though. Color by Amber works for me because of the strong story behind it. We are so much more than just jewelry. 


Something unique about me is that I am setting funds aside each month to build a school in Nepal. My fundraising efforts have yet to begin, so stay tuned! We will be going to help build that school in November of 2017.


→What would be your number one advice for a Mom Boss?

Be fearless. Tell everyone you know. Do anything that comes to your mind. Push past your limits. And if you have an idea but it scares you, DO IT! Be ok with No and know that it is a stepping stone to better things.


Thank you so much Kelsey



Thank you Jocelyn for sharing and inspiring our community. You truly showed how a business and an entrepreneur can connect and become one.

Feeling Alive,