Monday Race Day

This morning I woke up thinking about my week, what I have laid out, what I have done to prep and what's coming. Then it hit me. My week is like a 5k,10k, half marathon, marathon or 50k race, whatever distance you can relate to this is your week! 

It starts off with Sunday.

Sunday is your warm up. You're getting your muscles ready, your mind ready, your food ready, everything on Sunday is strategically placed and ready for your BIG DAY on Monday! 

Monday is when it all starts, it kick starts when your fingers hit the keyboard or your phone, and GOES! Right out of the gate you are full of ambition and excitement on what your week will bring

Then we have Tuesday, keeping the momentum strong but also second guessing if our week goals were too big? Tuesday presents a bit of a mental struggle but you slowly but surely push through.

Wednesday is notorious for it's "hump day" nick name and that's because you're half way through the week. Also a HUGE bench mark in anyone's race! "Half way through" you repeat to yourself with astonishing strides. 

Thursday, well this day can go either way, just like your race. You can either be cursing yourself for burning out too early or you could be pushing forward thinking "I can go faster". In most work spaces you will hear "Why isn't it Friday yet?" in a race with 3k,5,10k left you will question "How is this not done". Again being anxious and impatient for this week to wrap up- good or bad. 

Friday- TA DA!!  You've made it! You can see that home stretch, you can feel the excitement in the air. You hear yourself saying "Good job, you're almost there" "This is awesome" As you embark to the finish line you push a little harder and give yourself this BURST OF ENERGY TO sprint across the finish line as if a million dollars was waiting for you at the end!  In the work space you are firing off emails and excited for what you have accomplished this week and ready to celebrate your achievements! 

Saturday, is your day to unwind and relax. Your cool down day. You give yourself moments of gratitude and reflection. You pat yourself on the back for the progress you made. As you relax and unwind you disconnect and allow yourself to experience something new. 

Then Sunday rolls around and you're back at the grocery store meal prepping, planning your weeks appointments and ready to conquer your week ahead.

Just like in a race, there are a good ones and there are bad ones and life is about learning from each one and moving forward, like in the Disney movie "Meet the Robinsons"-  "Keep Moving Forward" 


No matter how your week goes, every day is a gift.

Treasure each moment and "Keep Moving Forward" 

Have a wonderful day