I was lost until my husband found me

Life has a funny way of putting people in your life.

Ever meet someone and think "WOW that is a lot of crazy coincidences?"

Well, I believe, coincidences don't just happen. 

Everything happens for a reason and everyone has been respectfully brought into your life for a reason. And I believe my relationship with my husband was laid out before I met him in my early 20's. 

Have you ever heard the song "Lost Boy" by Ruth B?

My husband and I had different, yet similar childhoods. Different upbringing but same life changing moments, if that makes sense. A major commonalty for us is, we both lost a parent at a young age (15 yrs old for him and 18yrs old for me).

At young ages

  • We learned life is precious.
  • We learned to stand up for ourselves and others we love
  • We learned to stand up for what's right and wrong
  • We learned that love involves respect and trust in two people.
  • We learned if you love someone- you show them every moment possible.

And we learned that life can be SHORT. 

In the song "Lost Boy", the first couple lines hit my heart,

"There was a time I was alone,

no where to go,

no place to call home,

my only friend was the man in the moon and even sometimes he would go away too..." 

When Shayne and I met (2004), my Dad had passed away 18 months ago and I was in the space of LOST (Yes I had supportive and loving family within kilometers of me, but this was me internally feeling LOST). I was internally LOST. I was almost done University, I was living with a room mate, I was floating around, I had big dreams but didn't believe in who I was and to be honest, I had NO CLUE who I was! I was constantly being faced internally and externally with what to do with my life! Do I follow my heart? (NOT even knowing where that was leading to) or Follow the family business of finances?

I was young and I was LOST.  

I was this young woman, playing soccer, going to University and partying because well, that's what you do in your 20's, right?! As I look back, life was A LOT of fun. BUT... it was all surface fun, nothing was deep and meaningful. Even as a young woman, I was searching for that meaningful, purposeful and aligned life. 

From Day 1 of our relationship, we had trust and respect in each other, I don't know where it came from but it was there INSTANTLY. 

Shayne gave me the opportunity to speak from my heart. He allowed me to be me and laughed with me (and sometimes at me). With his support and encouragement, I started to really believe in myself. I started to look at where I desired to go in life and started to make big leaps within myself. Within a few short months of us dating I was off on a trip I had only dreamed of, back packing around Europe. A few months later I was upgrading my University to become specialized in Event Planning. Then months later, reaching for another big dream of mine and ours, we were off to Florida to live a life in USA working for the Mouse.  The POWER of BELIEVING! 

Dreams were unfolding and I was no longer feeling lost.

Just like the song says:

"He sprinkled me in pixie dust and told me to believe, believe in him and believe in me.

Together we will fly away in cloud of green, to your beautiful destiny."

Believe! Believe! Believe!

Believe in yourself!

Believe in the person that trusts you and believe you are destined for greatness!!!! 

Another common mind set of us is,  IF NOT NOW, then when?

If you don't try now, When will you? 

I feel it's a rhetorical question, because personally I know there will NEVER be a perfect time. But I do know, that there will be a time that fits perfectly to you. It's a matter of creating the time and space to allowing it to unfold. 

How are we able to live a life of spontaneity and adventure?  

  • We believe in each other
  • We trust in each other
  •  We know life is short so let's live life to the fullest NOW!

 I'm happy to report that I no longer feel "LOST", over the last decade I have felt more at peace, and at "home". Home for us has always been a place of connection, not a physical abode, just like our wedding song ("Home" by Phillips Phillips)

 "If you get lost, you can be found, just know you're not alone, cause I'm going to make this place your home" 


So, why am I sharing my relationship with you?

 Because I want you to know, that feeling of LOST and ALONE, is an internal and limiting feeling. When you BELIEVE in yourself and TRUST in yourself ( and in others) you will start to feel the warmth of your surroundings and the support of others.

This is when the truly MAGICAL shit is unleashed and dreams are reached!

Have a wonderful day,

Kelsey (and Shayne)





Kelsey Davidson