Successful Active Woman Interview featuring Lindsey Willis

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How did I become an entrepreneur?

 I've always loved the idea of being an entrepreneur, even at a young age. When I was 8 I learned how to sew men's neckties and sell them as Father's Day gifts to friends and family. Throughout high school and college I was a portrait photographer. And after college I ditched the idea of a regular job and worked as a Realtor before starting my own bookstore. I've just always loved being my own boss. 

I did take a detour from the entrepreneur life, though. Because trying new adventures runs in my veins, I spent 4 years as a merchant mariner driving 600 foot tanker ships across the globe. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It was especially challenging though because I worked 7 days a week, often for 6 months or more on end. I began trying natural health options to support my body during this particularly grueling work schedule and I discovered some products that began to help me. I was so impressed with their results, I started using them to support normal hormone balance since my husband and I had been unable to have kids for over a decade. And to our great surprise and delight, I ended up pregnant with our daughter and this month we celebrate her first birthday and our 16th anniversary.

I knew with a baby on the way, my sailing career had come to an end and there was a new chapter unfolding for me. I began was working with a team of women in a direct sales company, and I noticed a fear of sales was preventing many women from meeting the goals they had in their business. Using my past business experience, I knew I could help. So I began helping develop strategies and ways to move beyond the idea that sales were icky or pushy. I wanted to help even more women and expand beyond the company, and so I spent time doing market research and found their was a demand for sales confidence. And so my sales + biz coaching was born.


My vision-

The vision for my business is that I can serve my clients by giving them both the confidence and the skills to successfully meet the goals they have for their business. I believe in creating freedom to devote our time to the things we truly want. And for so many, a 9-5 is not that dream. With each client I work with, my desire is to give them the structure, accountability, and the gentle nudge that allows them to see all that they are capable of. So many women don't even know the greatness they already possess. My vision is to bring that front and center so they can confidently meet their income goals. We all need a certain amount of income to maintain a balanced life, and to be a part of creating that balance for women is a privilege.

My personal life balance is always in progress! I'm a new mom so just when I think I have something figured out, it changes! And I love it. I'm thankful to have a huge supporter in my husband. He is our daughter's stay-at-home parent and he does a fantastic job keeping our home front balanced. My husband is also an injured veteran and, in complete candor, that is the biggest struggle to maintain balance. Chronic pain is something I wouldn't wish on anyone and contributes to days that aren't always as great as we hoped. But we have a fantastic support system and have some of the most wonderful doctors and care for him.


My motivation-

What drives me is when I see that spark when a busy moms sees the possibilities. When she sees that there are options that don't include two busy parents working jobs they don't really enjoy. That that isn't the only option. That you can build a business around your passions. And that with the amazing, and I mean, AMAZING technology we have at out fingertips (and often for FREE) that we can create income in ways that were unthinkable just a handful of years ago.

What elevates my mind? Oh my goodness, I'm a big fan of the water. Oceans, lakes, rivers...I just want to be on or near them! The wound of water inspires me! A boat ride with some Taylor Swift or Maroon 5 makes me happy as can be!


My strength

My greatest strengths are determination and strategy. Determination because when I've decided to do something, I do it. Sailing on industrial ships and often being the only woman in my department wasn't easy. I actually had never worked on ships before and started out being hired to clean bathrooms (take that college education!). But I decided I wanted to drive the tankers and I did. I ended up steering the ships during close quarter maneuvers and in and out of ports, even though some of my supervisors didn't believe in me. I reached out to those who would teach me and I flourished. And I bring that same determination in my work with my clients. If a client and I set down to reach a goal, we're going to find the path to take it. I don't give up and I know that sometimes a client just needs someone else to believe it is possible. So if I can loan out my determination and belief to my clients to get them through the rough patches, I'm happy to be there for them. My other strength is strategy. Let's talk about where you are and where you want to go. We'll make a plan, break it into steps, and lets get you to your goals!


Self Care

Oooo, great question! As a new mom, it took me a bit to get a hang of this. I've found that with nutrition, it is so important to use supplements and quick foods with high nutrient content in order to get the nutrition I prefer. I'm a whole foods, less processed food, advocate. Unless it comes to chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven or tacos. I can eat all the cookies and tacos! 

I create space during the week by either getting up before the baby to do a few things for me, or by getting a baby sitter or letting my husband know ahead of time when I'd like some me time. The key I've found is planning for that space in advance. Not just hoping that free time comes, but actually creating space for it.



For my website, I wanted people to know that their fear of sales doesn't have to stop them from achieving their dreams. That sales doesn't have to be icky or pushy. I'm currently in the processes of revamping my site. As I've talked with more and more women, I've gotten much clearer on how to serve and will be moving forward with a more holistic voice that will encompass sales, biz structure, and creating a freedom-based life.

Lindsey's Advice

→.What would be your number one advice for a Successful  Active Woman? 

Plan your wellness activities in advance! Don't just hope it happens, schedule it. And say no to anything that infringes on your time.

→.What would be your number one advice for a Woman entrepreneur? 

Create a plan for what you're going to do on a bad day. Rough days will happen. Write out a plan for how you will move beyond that. Will you recenter around your why? Reach out to a friend? Journal? Come up with a plan for staying in the game. And read The Big Leap as it will help you identify why you have those rough days (it's called our upper limit and knowing how to move beyond it will make your days much easier).

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Thank you so much, Kelsey!