5 Little Life Mantras

I've always thought of myself as an old soul. I love warm tea, tights hugs and walks/runs in nature, the basic things in life! I discovered at a young age that the more simple and grounded life became, the more I felt fulfilled. Sure, I was young and loved all things shiny (who doesn't). As I got older, I got to the root of me and discovered all I wanted in life is for myself and loved ones to feel happy and loved. That is all. 

Over the last couple days, I've been faced with a negative energy and had to realign myself to who I am as woman, mom and wife. Today at the beach, I was gently reminded of my life mantras. The ones I lead my heart, my family and my business with and wanted to share them with you.

#1  You have the choice to create the life you desire with the reaction you are giving it.

If you react to life with a positive attitude you are going to create opportunities to shine brighter and radiate happiness and love. If you react negatively, get ready for resistance and darkness. It's that simple.

#2 Stand tall and believe in yourself and your values

No one can take your values away from you. Hold them tight, raise them up and stand up for them! You established those values and beliefs for a reason, acknowledge them and be proud!

#3 Find your tranquil (happy) space

Find that one space/place that speaks to your heart. Try to have gentle reminders of this special place surround you. If you are feeling anxious or out of alignment, try meditating and visioning your tranquil space.

Allow it to bring you back to your calm and aligned self. 

#4 Be happy & Free

Not much explanation here. If you need a gentle reminder, open your windows, let your hair run wild, crank your music, dance and feel HAPPY & FREE! Free to be who you are, with no limitations! 

Crank the song below and feel HAPPY! 


#5 Learn from Bambi

Treat others how you wanted to be treated. Respect and love others how you would want to receive it. It's a simple life lesson, taught in a 1940's Disney movie for children to learn and adults to be reminded of. Do it! 

These little mantras give me the space and strength to relax and release all negative energy from my surroundings and give me full alignment. I hope it can do the same to you and served as a gentle reminder to you. 


Have a wonderful day,



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