Life Happens, We Learn

As my family and my business start to prepare ourselves for our next adventure, I find myself saying "It will all work out" or "I don't know" quiet a bit. And if I have said it to you, I'm not being vague, I simply trust and hope that everything will all work out. I simply do not have all the answers yet and who knows if I ever will. And I'm OK with that!

Over the past year, I have transformed quiet a bit. I have learned more about myself, more about my grieving process with my dads passing (from when I was 18yrs old), more about my parents divorce (happened when I was 12) more about how I perceive others and others perceive me and more about what I desire in life for myself, for my family and for YOU. In this year of learning I have learned to trust in myself more.

It always starts with a shit year to open your eyes! Well,  mine was 2014! 2014 was one of the hardest years I had since my Dad passed in 2002. I had lost my Nana (who was one of the strongest women I have ever encountered) in mid 2013. Then 2014 rolled in with my Grandma Dee (who I idolized) passing way peacefully (her words of wisdom are below), then witnessing my friend Christian living his life to the fullest right until he passed away at the young age of 39, and rounding off the year was loosing my dear friends daughter, Quinn (4 months old).

When 2014 was done, I was done! It left 2015 a big wound to heal.  A wound that left me wondering where to go now? What to do now? And how can I serve in my own higher purpose?

In 2015, for lack of better words, I was using the phrase "screw it" as a way to say, "it's not worth my energy let's move on." I became more and more aware of my own physical, spiritual and mental investment. After what 2014 had taught me, I knew I was destined for more and Alive was destined for more.This is when I discover the Life Coaching certification I accomplished. I had an "idea" of how I would serve women with my certification, never once thought to the degree it has over the last 10 months. I have always said life is a learning experience and over the last few years this is what I was given and I am (now) grateful for the experiences. 

  • 2014 gave me pain, gave me tears and gave me struggles.  
  • 2015 gave me healing, acceptance and awareness.
  • 2016 has given me trust and belief in myself.
With my trust, passion and belief leading me my family and my business down south, I  accept I may not have all the answers right now.
What I do know is that my heart is leading us there (you included!).

Have a wonderful day feeling alive,