Let it Be

As most of you know, I've landed in Canada, my home country. Landing in my home country was a wave of emotions, within the first week I've felt an abundance of love and support from my local community, friends and the Alive Family. I've also felt an abundance of questions in my own head. 

Settling back in Canada means a lot and coming from experience, doing this for my second time, setting up little things can be a challenge. One challenge we under estimated was getting a phone, the customer service rep kept asking us for a phone number "Lady, we are buying that from you, and when you give me a phone, I will give you my phone number!" was the sort of conversations we had. Little conversations like that have been fun and hosted a few giggles for us. 

What also happened when I arrived in Canada, was me trying to know every f'ing answer! AND I DON'T. Yet, I felt this obligation and responsibility to know it. Considering over 2 years ago, I didn't know what part of the worldCosta Rica was in, "Is Costa Rica in Central America or South America?" I remember asking my husband.

Did it phase me? NOPE! I kept trusting in the process. 

In the last few days I've slowly released the pressure and obligation to know where we are moving to, to know where I might set up shop for Alive, to know where my kids are going to school and when my husband is returning to work... I've let it go. I can't control what I don't know and right now I need to release the strangle I've put on myself and on life and ALLOW IT TO FLOW. Like I have for the last year. 

Today was a big moment for our family, we bought a car. Another bit of a challenge and we over come it and have this beautiful car in our name! No longer rental cars, this is ours. This means we are commuting the children to school some how and some where! When we got into the car, we turned out of the lot and this song came on. WOW. Did it HIT a string for me! Some of you may know this already, and for those of you who don't, I'm very connected to music. When I heard this song I knew it was  a sign from my Dad, our dear friends in heaven or the universe saying "Let it be" and truly once the song was done, I felt lighter and more at ease. I'm no longer strangling life. I'm allowing it to flow and letting it be. 

I see men and women around the world try to force life to fall the way they want it to, or the way the society wants it to. From there they push and push and push until there's no more to push because they have depleted themselves and removed themselves from the picture or have gone in the completely wrong direction! 

There is only so much you can force and when you are done FORCING LIFE and welcome it to FLOW, you will THEN receive the answers you were/are looking for. 

Just like a child watching the cake rise, you need patience and trust that the timing will be right and the cake will taste delicious.

Have a wonderful day,


Kelsey Davidson