Experiencing the Grade 3 -5 Girls Empowering Messages

This week I had the opportunity to empower a running group of girls ages grade 3-5, these girls were amazing. They were eager to meet me, eager to listen to me and eager to learn.

During the short and impacting 15 minutes with them, I discussed the relationship running has with life.

As we all know, running and exercising can get uncomfortable. I know that there are days where I struggle to tie up the shoe laces and there are days I don't want to "adult". Yet there are days I set my alarm to 5:30am for a run and I am up before that, excited to tie up the shoes and get outside for my run.

Each day is different, each struggle is different and the lesson we learn: is to take each experience with a new stride.

When I was with the girls, I presented them with the song "Carry On" By Olivia Holt. I asked them to get comfortable, close their eyes and listen to the words of the song. This then allowed them to absorb the message in the song. {I did discuss the powerful message in this song in another blog http://www.alivefitnessandwellness.com/successfulactivewomen/carryon }

When I asked them what was the message they received from this song and how did it relate to life and to running, numerous voices spoke up and here are a couple of the comments:

  • Carry on - When life or running gets hard we have to carry on, even when legs are heavy like an elephant.
  • There will always be a canyon or river to cross- There will always be obstacles and I have to push past.
  • I will be there to hold your hand-  About how my Mom, Dad, teachers and coaches are there to support me while I try something new.
  • Don't let anyone tell you, you can't- Prove them wrong! 
  • Footprints- How I can change the world!

The reason I presented them with a song, was to dive into their inner self while being fun and entertaining. The girls were able to share with me their empowering and inspiring messages stemmed from this song. I was very proud of them and how they were able to relate it back to life and running.

While we try to teach our children all about life,
our children teach us what life is all about

Having their raw and authentic answers shout out at me, I realized how important it is to do self development with youth.

If you have children, I would love for you to try this over the long weekend with them.


  • Grab a blank piece of paper
  • Ask your child draw out or write out everything they love about themselves (NOT things- this is about them - For Example- talented at dance/football (shows passion/determination), loves her/his hair in a bun (pride), likes her friendships (shows affection) or likes pretending to be a superhero (want to be a hero))
  • On another piece of paper ask them to write out everything they love about the people around them and who they are. (What they like about Mom, Dad, teachers, coaches etc- this will show YOU what they expect of you and what they appreciate of you) This exercise will open up the communication doors for you to be a more effective role model.

Make this fun, with lots of colours, painting, glitter glue, drawings etc. Make it FUN!


I am not a children's psychologist, or have a large back ground in children's health. With my Life Coaching certification course, I did learn that we establish our true set of values and beliefs before we are 7 years old and the impact throughout the younger years are instrumental to the development of strong, confident adults. And as a Mom, my personal mother goal is raise respectful, caring and confident adults. What are your mother goals?


Have a wonderful long weekend,

go experience life to the fullest and love with your whole heart.

Feeling Alive,