I've got a secret... Nutrition isn't just food

Nutrition by definition is the science that studies all the interactions that occur between living organisms and food.

Have you ever thought that nutrition goes farther than the food? 

I'm talking about a whole new level of eating. Eating with the engagement of your emotions, the experience of it all, the sounds you hear, and sights of foods, all of it together to give you a fulfilled body, mind and spirit nourishment.

Last year, I've hosted a seminar with Steph from Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict and I presented and proposed "that meal planning and prepping is a form of self care." At the time she had been meal prepping and planning for just over a year, had huge success with her own health and massive growth with her blog and was blown away with this statement. I went on to explain, some women love running or going to the spa, both great self care routines, one is not better then the next. At the root of self care is: You giving yourself serenity and time to be in a space of care (self care) Meal prepping and planning is a great form of self care! Essentially, you are setting your body, mind and spirit up for a week of nourishing foods. Self care at the finest! 

What goes in your mouths does contribute to weight loss or weight gain. But have you ever thought about other emotional factors that contribute to weight gain and weight loss? How about what surrounds you while you eat, what you hear while you are eating or how you feel  when you eat, this can also contribute to your weight loss or weight gain. 


For Example:

Think about rushing out the door and grabbing a bagel out the door or at Tim Hortons, what is that saying to your body, mind and spirit? "Sorry, I don't have 3 minutes to sit and enjoy you- chew, swallow, digest - come on body hurry up!" OUCH eh, without even saying a word, our body is damaged by this action. The food was aggressively chewed down and it didn't have the opportunity to do it's job of breaking down and providing energy nutrients. I get it, time can be rushed and I've been there too. I believe in being aware of it and trying to make the best intentional choice possible. 

Other situational emotions to think about when eating is sadness or stress. These two are the most prime examples of when food is over eaten and when portions are thrown out the door. Shoveling your spoons of ice cream down while crying is only going to bring you down more, creating a crash and burn effect. Try to eat in a more calm state. You will also want to role model this for younger eaters at the table. Sitting down at the table to eat and ENJOY the experience of food. 

Back in 2004, I went backpacking around Europe. I fell in LOVE with Italians and their way of life. I love carbs, gelato and wine, so clearly this was my DREAM country. What I didn't expect to appreciate and love as much as I did, was the singing and dancing in between meals, the conversations and how dinner was easily 2-4 hours long. It was this never-ending social experience that I walked away from feeling exhilarated. Compared to going to the local Italian place in Canada and eating until I had to roll myself out of the place! Eating in Italy was an experience unlike anything I had every experienced! No doubt this is a way of eating, is MAJOR contributor to Italians having one of the healthiest lifestyles out there. With their fresh olives to produce olive oil, regular red wine consumption and an active lifestyle, has ed them to have a lower rate of heart disease then you would have expected. 

Food needs to be sensational and touch on each sensation.

  • Have the vibrant colours to attract your eyes and make your mouth water.
  • Have the spices involved to ignite your palate.
  • Surround yourself while eating in a place that gives you happiness and joy. Where it allows you to experience each bite.
  • Feel the food with your hands while you prepare or while eating and appreciate the raw goodness from it. 

I encourage you to give yourself more time to digest and experience foods because I know it may seem like a "job" to eat, it is truly a gift to experience. 


Have a Wonderful Day

- Kelsey