I said THANK YOU to pain

Have you ever been hurt by a loved one and you couldn't understand how and why they would hurt you to this degree?

I have been in this situation and it took me weeks of internal festering and anger for me to come out and realize that, Yes I was hurt. Then for me to realize it was my personal expectations that I had created, that had hurt me. I had thought this person would of known who I was or what I expected out of them... and when they questioned me and questioned my values I was hurt. It was that hurt that created many weeks of sadness, internal festering and then anger. It was when I took a step back from the pain did I see what my role was and how I could heal from it. 

When I took the step back, I realized the pain I felt, was the pain within myself. It was the expectation that I thought this person knew me better. It was the expectation that I created in this person that hurt me. I put this expectation on this person without telling them and without sharing how important it was to me. When they didn't live up to my expectation this created pain in me. It created an edge on my open heart that would be cautious to share big dreams, big ideas, and things that meant the most to me. AND in later months it was that crusted edge that hurt me the most.

When I released the crusted edge I felt freed.

Freed from my own expectations.

Freed from the situation.

Freed from the pain. 

As I became more and more free of pain, I felt more and more love within myself and my surroundings.

I felt more love was coming in to my life and more opportunities were arising.  I felt I could give more as I was receiving more. I felt more connected to energy flows and aware of other people's energy. 

As I walked away from the pain, (guided by my Life Coach, Brandy Corcoran) I thanked the universe for this situation and I (literally) thanked the person who hurt me. To hold your head high and  to thank the someone for the pain they caused is LIBERATING! I learned from the situation and moved forward with only love.

Learning from your situation, as painful as it may be, will give you the strength to move forward and practice a "Relax and Release" LIFESTYLE


Have a wonderful day,

feeling alive


Kelsey Davidson