"Is this it?"

I know most of you that are reading this are probably mid thirtys/fourtys and doing a "grown up" life. Don't let the "grown up" life confuse you and make you think that it is all set in stone.


It isn't! 


Over the last 6 months I have met MORE women, that are experiencing the fork in their personal and professional life. I have even heard some say "Is this life?" and question their pathways. It's almost like them saying "What do I wanna be when I grow up?"


Just like children, our opportunities are endless, age is just a number NOT a definition of WHO we are and WHAT we believe in and value! 


If you are feeling like this in this moment, feeling stuck, lost or hearing yourself say "Is this it?" Then ask yourself this question "What CAN I be when I grow up?" OHHHHH Yeah I threw in that word CAN!  Because at the end of the day, we all have talents, we all have a purpose, we all have big dreams and we can do anything our heart and soul desires. 


Ask yourself that question and IGNORE, KICK OUT AND MINIMIZE the head talk of "Oh that's too much money" or "How could I do that?" or "That's too much"


Take a pen and paper and write down at the top of the paper "What can I be?" 


When ideas pop into your head, allow them to flow, give them permission and allow yourself to discover your calling.


Nothing is too big or small to write down, when you question if you "should" write it down, choose to write it down, this is the heart fighting for it versus the head wanting to stay safe. 


And it doesn't have to be professional driven, it can be personal driven for example -  participate in a 10km race, do yoga in Costa Rica, have a family cruise in 2017, experience swimming in the ocean and/or do home renovations. Even personal "can do" items can fulfill this desire of "What can I be!?"



Success will come from living an aligned and balanced life, which means listening to your heart and soul. 

As you evolve, keep doing this exercise and give yourself permission to live an aligned purposeful. 


Feeling Alive