When I thought I had control, those darn inch worms came in!

It's a funny thing when you think you're in control and you've got a good grasp on something and then you realize HOLY SHIT NO I DON'T or NO I DIDN'T! 

I have been advocating to Moms around North America of how we can all benefit from disconnecting from technology. How our energies are effected by it and how it takes away our control and power.

Over the past 3 weeks

  • I discontinued my phone service, meaning I haven't had a phone number since Nov 7th
  • I have been with out any form of electronic or power for 5 days straight, it was a retreat where I was giving more to my body, mind and spirit than I ever have before. I came back FULL of energy and currently feel fucking unstoppable! Just wait for whats to be released this Friday and the week after!!!!! 
  • I only have internet in my home or at the local pizza place and that is about 1.2k walk there and we go there every Sat night to pick up our pizza, really not a place I hit up every day like Sorso (mmm.. I miss their Blueberry Matcha tea lattes) that provides free wifi. 

This has given me a whole new view on how technology was interrupting  my lifestyle back in Canada. I feel I was pretty intentional with my screen time too. It wasn't the business emails or the Facebook messages or the conference calls that was interrupting me and my life. It was all the other "inch worm" notifications that took, and I MEAN TOOK, time and energy away. I say "inch worms" because they had their way of wedging their selves into my life and were of no service to my heart. For example, I would receive an email from a Big Box Store, I would open it and check out the daily deals. While I'd be there scrolling away I'd ask myself,  "WHY Kelsey? You shop there once every 6 months and NEVER online! WHY are you checking their email RIGHT NOW!" It was those notifications that were taking away my control and robbing me of my energy. 

As I reflect, it is my perspective of what is important vs what is urgent has gained more strength and power. (Also something I guide in my life coaching sessions, DEFINE those two and you will gain control of your life!!) Before this move, I would ask myself "Is this due now?" As in, is there a time limit? Now I ask myself,  "Is this where I want my energy to go?" By doing this gentle shift and keeping with my mantra "Relax and Release" from the Untethered Soul (read last weeks blog if you missed it) I feel more conscious of my energy and more at ease with not having the pressure to read THAT email right away, (unless it is business).

I am GIVING myself and my family the opportunity to have all my energy invested into where it gives back to our lives, our energy and our love.

As I mentioned before, I thought I was in control and for the most part I was. But there were so many little "inch worm notifications/energy suckers" that took from me, that I didn't have the control I thought I did.

I hope sharing my experience shines a light onto you and how you allow or not allow your smart phone take your energy. Or it shows you how you can enforce a simple question, that can protect your energy.

At the end of the day, we want to FEEL ALIVE!

We desire to see the beauty within life and reading the Big Box store emails can wait! 

Have a wonderful day feeling alive,