Imagine talking to yourself like you talk to your children

Imagine yourself talking with your children.

Now, imagine yourself talking with yourself.

Do they mirror each other? Or are they on completely different spectrum's. 

I went to yoga the other day and the yoga instructor brought up affirmations and powerful intentions. Yes, I advocate and coach women on them but I believe I'm always a students first. As I absorbed his message of affirmations and intentions, and how we can treat each other a bit more gentler and nicer.

It made me think.

How do we, as adults, treat and talk to ourselves?  

I have shared with a few Alive Family members on negative self talk and "Mr.Asshole", who sits on your shoulders from time to time to straight up, be an Asshole and self doubt you. How you can FIGHT BACK? Talk back to him and this will strengthen your voice and your confidence within. 

As a mother to young children (4 & 8) I try to show them how to be positive, how to be real and how to trust and believe in themselves. I constantly try to push my children out of their comfort zones and know I'm always here for them. I'm trying to make my voice their foundation of positive self talk. My voice of encouragement, love and support. Fun Fact- Children develop 80% of their believes and values by the age of 8. Scary thought for me, when I look at my almost 9 yr old!!  God, I only hope I have given him strong values and confidence in himself. I also know that I will not wash my hands with him at 9 years old. I will be beside him forever. Just like my Mom has been for me. 

Even as an adult, my Mom saying "Good job" and "I'm proud of you" feels good. Yes! Even at 33 I appreciate it, it makes me happy. It takes me back to my childhood when she would say this. 


As an adult I know self talk can be brutal at times. The "should be" games, the "I'm not enough" games, the "comparison-itis" games and so forth. All those games just rob me of ME! All of those games "take".Whereas I desire to live in a life of "giving and receiving".

 So, how can I easily escape this?

  • I can talk to myself like I talk to my children. 
  • I can talk to myself with pride, love and trust. 
  • I can talk to myself with empathy, joy and passion. 
  • I can believe in myself. 

And all those other games will disappear.

All those struggles and resistance of energy flows will be minimized or released.

I will return to me.

I will return to loving me.

I will honour me!

I ask that for the next 24 hours you speak to yourself as if you were speaking to your own child.

Speak with kind words.

Speak with love and admiration.  



Have a wonderful Day,


Kelsey DavidsonComment