I don't do this for you... I do it FOR ME

Over the last 2 weeks my personal life has taken a transition and it's starting to become the "norm". My husband has made the sacrafice and moved to another province to better our families opportunities for our future. Me and the kids have had up's and down's and us 3 amigos have really kicked it up a notch in uniting as one. I'm not one to brag about my kids, but I will here, they have been UNBELIEVABLE. They have consoled me while I cried, I have witnessed them support each other and have seen them help pack each other school bags and lunch kits. We are the 3 amigos. We miss Daddy very much and know this is a short term loss for a long term gain.

In the short two weeks I have gotten back into my scheduling routine, and for anyone that knows me, I LOVE an accurate schedule. Yes I love to be free spirited too, but Monday- Friday it is scheduled. Don't laugh, but I even schedule disconnect time from work, technology and other things too. I schedule those because THEN THOSE HAPPEN.

One of my non- negotiable have been running more, every morning that I don't have a client in the morning, I run. 

This is a commitment I have made to myself. 


Because I need it, I need to break away from my condo. I need to break away from my thoughts. I need to not think! I need to step away from life and ground myself in ME. 

I'm very fortunate to have a family of cheerleaders and women saying "You're inspiring me" and I appreciate that but I need to share with you something. 

I do this for me - not for you. 

I do this FOR ME! 

I do this because I know if I don't I will be 

  • less capable and balanced
  • more anxious
  • less relaxed
  • more exhausted (sounds funny eh, running makes me less exhausted but if you if you work out regularly, you get me ;) )
  • less driven
  • more chasing the comparison disease
  • less grounded to ME and what feeds my spirit
  • less care free, free spirited and joyous  with family, friends, member

I do this for ME


Please know, I do love and appreciate all the notes and comments of inspiration and support. They really do boost my drive to do MORE and serve you MORE! They really mean a lot to me. This shows me my heart is leading you more towards yours. 

My biggest desire for YOU is for YOU to do fitness and enjoy a healthy lifestyle FOR YOU.

Not to look sexier for your husband/wife

Not to compare yourself against someone else

Not for ANYONE ELSE but YOU! 

You are the root of your health and happiness and FEELING ALIVE.

Do this FOR YOU

Have a wonderful day, feeling ALIVE!

- Kelsey

Kelsey Davidson