I can motivate you til I'm blue in the face...

Do I sound like your mother?

haha Let's be honest though.

Woman to Woman. I can motivate you, I can send you supportive messages. I can send you the WORLD'S BEST WORK OUT (or in my eyes I think it is) Will you do it? Will you listen to my instructions and motivational push?

That is YOUR ANSWER. That my friend, is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

I'm here for your 120% of the time. I'm in your back pocket. I'm your #1 cheer leader... but that all means shit all without YOU GIVING YOURSELF ACTION. You results. Your dedication. How you feel, all stems within you and I can't change that. I can encourage you, shine a light, give you a new perspective - Did it sink in or did you block it out?

This is your choice! To move forward and take control OR...  stay stagnant  :(

I was inspired Sunday night by one of our Alive Fit Family members as she shared with me her blog- read it here - https://medium.com/@christinahaus/diary-of-a-self-sabotager-73dcd42922f 

I'd like to tease you with this paragraph:
"I felt fantastic after my workout today! I felt sweaty, accomplished, strong and full of energy! That should be enough! I sent my trainer a message that I am BACK and back into it again, and then waited for her “you go girl” praise. BIG MISTAKE! I need to stop it. Its not about my trainer, its not about Dave or his mother, or even my daughter. ITS ABOUT ME and my progress. Its about me and not making self sabotaging excuses and its about ME to get my ass downstairs and work bitch!"

(Please know I LOVE all the messages and the check in's- AND-- it's apart of your training commitment ;) )  

Just like she mentioned here, it's not about the external validations she receives it's about HOW SHE FEELS?!

 It's a matter of looking inside yourself and seeing pride and joy. It's a matter of showing those doubters and nay sayers that YOU can do this. And MORE IMPORTANTLY showing YOURSELF "I AM WORTH IT!"

I send motivational messages BECAUSE I BELIEVE!

I'm proud of each one of the Alive Family Members.

I honestly do not work with women that half ass or aren't fully invested because I GET FULLY INVESTED into your goals. AND WHEN I'm fully invested YOU BETTER BE TOO!  

 I will motivate you until I'm blue (because I BELIEVE!) in the face and you better get your ass moving!

Feel Alive,