Holy Crap, I'm tired...

Ever have those days that you have had your ass handed to you.

You are purely exhausted and don't understand why.

Well, I have.

I recently had a physical struggle and 2 weeks post, I'm in a state of mind that I can share with you what happened. 

I'm a fairly active woman, and always have been. For the last 10 plus years I have been low in iron, what the doctors call anemic. 

When low in iron I feel

  • Exhausted
  • Depleted
  • Cold almost FROZEN hands -anyone had measurements done by me, you know how cold they were/are
  • Lightheaded
  • Have foggy thinking
  • Shortness of breath
  • And that's ONLY the physical side!!

With all of those physical struggles, it brought the mental and spiritual affects. The main spiritual/mental ones were struggle, negativity and self doubt. 

Feb 4th was an emotional day for me. We had to say Bye to our good friends as our "Smithidson" vacation wrapped up. As I stood on the steps of the resort, my daughter and I held each other and cried. There were no words, tears flowed and emotions were released. As our friends headed back to Canada, we headed back to Costa Rica. This reopened wounds of self doubt and questions like "What the heck are we doing?!" Then the next 24 hours were a whirl wind of traveling back to Costa Rica, arriving at 1am in San Jose, waking up early to drive back, all well feeling drained from crying. We arrived at our home on Sunday and started to unpack and make this new home, feel like home. 

Monday I was feeling exhausted and drained. Have you ever had that feeling you want to tap out? That was me. In my struggle, I justified it, by thinking it was my body adjusting to the climate, feeling emotionally exhausted and having a power struggle between heart and head. 

Tuesday, I woke up and went for a run, slower than normal but I was happy to get it accomplished. Five km was done by 7am and by 10am I was having a nap, I couldn't stay awake if my life depended on it! I couldn't keep my eyes open. I was DONE. Napped (and it's hard for me to week day nap, this is how exhausted I was) and then went back to work until dinner. After dinner I was sleeping by 830pm. Tapped out. 

Wednesday, woke up and felt a bit better. My body was adjusted to the heat and now my mind is running a million miles a minute on why I was feeling like crap and why I've been so exhausted!!! Have you heard, I have an amazing husband? Well, I do. This is when he literally Google Translated Iron Vitamins and picked me up vitamins in the closest city that has a Farmacia. I started taking a vitamin that has iron, b12 and folic acid

By Saturday night I was staying up past 9pm and no longer needing naps. Which was huge because I was fighting a slippery slopped battle. Everyday my body was screaming for a nap and every day I was saying "not right now" as I kept running, catching up on work and doing my daily fitness challenges. One day after my challenge, I sat down to have a sip of water and literally fell asleep for 5-10 mins sitting up... yes I was that exhausted.

Almost 2 weeks of the vitamins, and I have done a complete 360 degree transition. 

I'm running and not needing a nap. I'm achieving a better pace time for my runs. I'm recovering quicker from my strength workouts. I'm clearer in my thoughts. I'm more focused. I'm able to stay up and actually have a night time conversation with my husband.

I'm BACK to ME! 

Did the trip trigger it? I'm still not sure.

I think being some where not as hot as Costa Rica gave my body a little break. I think also eating (and drinking) different foods affected my hormones and iron levels. As I have learned in the last 6 weeks, food is a major player in women's hormones and menstrual cycles. With the support from Women's Cycle Expert, Laura Charelle  I have learned a lot about what my body has been going through since moving down here. And the changes it has gone through.

Here is my Public Service Announcement: 

Low iron is very common in women.

Please be aware of your iron levels. 

If you are struggling with

  • Low energy
  • Feel faint after working out or during your work out
  • Pale
  • Cold hands
  • Shortness in breathe
  • Foggy thinking.

I strongly suggest that you consult with a medical professional or holistic nutritionist and discuss if anemia is a possibility for you. Being low on iron truly kicks your ass and it straight up sucks. As I experienced the worse anemic struggle ever 2 weeks ago.

And as I always do,

I share to inspire and empower you to give back to yourself !

And show you, YOU are NOT ALONE! 

Have a wonderful day